Thursday, 19 January 2012

Houses - Walsham-le-Willows, Suffolk

Definitely pluses and minuses on this one - but, hey, it's a wreck!
So, on the plus side is location. The property is just outside the pretty Suffolk village of Walsham le Willows, around six miles from Bury St Edmonds, backs onto open countryside and comes with 1.7 acres of land.
Also on the plus side is size. Originally two clay lump-built cottages, what you've got here is the potential to squish them together to create a substantial four-bedroomed country home.
On the negative side, aside from the squishing together, both properties need repair and substantial renovation and I think it's fair to say that the interior pictures (link here) didn't exactly set our renovation hearts a-fluttering. We're talking rip it out and start again. Oh, and the electricity and water situation is, well, complicated.
Also, there's no planning permission to do any of this squishing and renovating, the property having seesawed between being two houses, then one house and back again over its history (did I mention it's called Bribery Cottage?).
The property is on the market through Lacy Scott & Knight at £250k. PDF here