Thursday, 19 January 2012

Searching for a 'wreck' in West Sussex

Charmaine at Location, Location, Location got in touch, wanting to know if I could help find a 'wreck' in West Sussex for one of the programme's featured couples.
The couple have a budget of c£400k, which in most areas would be plenty. But in Sussex, finding decent renovation properties is crock of gold and rainbows stuff.
Which made me think about what advice I might be giving this couple were I Kirsty, or that bloke.
Firstly, focus on where you want to be. Find the location you want (plus option B and C), then look for any detached properties with a big garden or some land for £50 to £150k under your maximum.
Why? Because in a popular area like this, it's easier to find something to rebuild or extend, rather than renovate. The best renovation properties disappear before they even make it onto a website.So look for uglier and cheaper than you wanted, but in the right location, and budget to rebuild.
Here are some suggestions. Clarke and Charlesworth has a sweet Edwardian detached bungalow in Storrington, with 200ft garden and neighbours that have already substantially extended, at around £299k. And, if you're considering bungalow-gobbling, King and Chasemore has this dull-looking three-bed in Midhurst that has a stunningly-beautiful rear backing onto the lake. Or what about this gorgeous three-bed Victorian villa in Wivelsfield Green, bang on budget at £400k through Mansell McTaggart, but desperately needs modernising.
However, my personal favourite is this pretty detached cottage (pictured above) in Bognor Regis. Only two-bedroom but, at £250k, it leaves plenty in the pot to turn that garage into a double extension.
Do you have a three-bed property for sale in Sussex (or thinking of selling one) in need of renovation? Contact Location, Location, Location researchers or