Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Bungalow - Danbury, Chelmsford

Sometimes I find a property and all I can see is the story - the person who lived there and the life they lived that ended with their home a wreck and up for auction. Like this one.
For sale through Abbotts Countrywide, its going to auction on February 27th "as seen" at offers over £195k.
What's on offer is a charming one-bedroom, detached bungalow with a decent-sized garden in a quiet area of Danbury: a large Essex village a couple of miles from Chelmsford and the A12.
The 'as seen' bit is rooms piled high with clothes, junk, crockery, silk flowers, ancient lampshades, knick-knacks, food, photographs, mail, bedding, rubbish, furniture, curtains and decor that hasn't changed in at least forty years. Vintage heaven but clean-up hell.
The interior pictures, like the one below, are sad and lovely. I do hope the bungalow is bought by someone who doesn't just skip its former owner's relics and bulldoze her home.