Thursday, 29 March 2012

House and land, Halesworth, Suffolk

Ok, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking: "Those are two dogs, where the flip is the do-up-able house?" Maybe even: "What's with the fur? Show me the bricks!" I'll explain.
That there is Max (standing) and Willow (not entirely sure what she's doing) and they are our two rescue greyhounds. And I thought, given that the house I've picked to show you is a former dog rescue centre that I should also show you some rescue dogs. Because it would be so fab if someone bought this particular property and filled it with homeless animals again.
The property was the Jerry Green Dog Rescue centre at Linstead Magna, near Halesworth. It consists of the three-bedroom detached cottage, below, needing modernising and renovating, plus a chunky 8.7acres of land, mostly grassed.

There are also around 45 kennels, holding pens, grooming area, outbuildings, office and garages. It's on the market through Durrants at £325k - more details here.