Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Former blacksmith's, Chapel Amble, Cornwall

Not for the wishy-washy, love-Grand-Designs-but-not-really-up-for-hard-work renovators out there; this former blacksmith's in the gorgeous Cornish village of Chapel Amble comes with all sorts of baggage.
Firstly, it's Grade II listed. Second, the part stone, part cob building needs serious work. Third, there's not much in the way of space around it, and fourth it's in a conservation area and the conservation officer has already suggested "the historic integrity of the building would be better preserved through a commercial re-use" (like anyone's got the cash nowadays to tackle renovating a historic building just to sell knick knacks and cakes - hummph!). The estate agent's note, here, gives more details.
Regardless, for someone with a bit of experience in preventing beautiful buildings being lost to pigeons and bindweed, this is a lovely, two-roomed detached building with, I'd suggest, some haggle room on the £80k asking price.