Monday, 6 August 2012

Redevelopment site, Belper, Derbyshire

I'm breaking all my own rules showing you this one - way too big, way too expensive for 'wreck...' but doesn't the symmetry of those rows of windows just make your heart sing?
It's on the market at £475k (details here) having failed to sell at auction. It comes with planning permission to turn it into a hotel and conference centre (in Belper - are they having a laugh?!!) and it is MASSIVE. The building in the picture is 15,000 sq ft of Grade II listed former offices, plus there's a big, detached house (below) and another large detached building at the front of the site, which abuts the A6.
Urbexers will go wild for it.
The whole site is around an acre, sitting in the centre of the very pretty Belper (sorry Belper, I didn't mean that you weren't attractive enough to have your own conference centre, I just meant who the Blimey has the cash to renovate a wreck this size and fill it with fat blokes in suits every day. In the Midlands?). Now, if it was mine, I'd parcel it up into 20 or so open spaces and sell each one off to creative types as cheap living/working space and do a Salts Mill on the rest of it. Anyone interested?