Thursday, 3 January 2013

Desperately, mostly.

I get a lot ( I mean A LOT) of emails from 'Wreck' fans looking for their own wreck to do up and hoping I can help them. I can't, it's not what I do and I'd be rubbish at it in anycase.
Anyway, I thought I'd put a few of the more recent and interesting ones into this post - just in case any of 'Wreck's' estate agent fans are reading and can help.
Eddie Jones (pictured above) is looking for a wreck with land "about the size of a rugger pitch" to build a replica of the trenches of the Somme in 1916.
The project is a charity educating schoolchildren in particular about trench life during the Great War. This video explains it best:

They'd prefer somewhere in the South East, around the M25. If you can help, email Eddie
Rueben and 100 church members are looking for a church building to do up in the Leicester or West Midlands areas. I don't know what they have to spend but if you can help, drop me an email and I'll pass it on.
Jo has around £60k to spend on "as much LAND as I can get" in the Uttoxeter, Cheadle, Upper Tean areas of Staffordshire to fulfill her dream of starting a small farm. While Ernest and his partner are also looking for "plenty of land" and a wreck, south of the upper boundary of Greater Manchester for a "live and work style business." Email me if you can help.