Sunday, 13 January 2013

House, Marshland St James, Norfolk

I do like this house. Not entirely sure why - maybe it's the shape: those side walls that look like wings or a Toby jug.
Anyway, what's not to like in a four-bed, detached house in a Norfolk village for under £150k?
Inside it's old lady sad and needing a full renovation job, outside there's a large garden wrapped around three sides.
The house is in the linear village of Marshland St James, around five miles from Wisbech and around 15 from Kings Lynn.
Sweet though the house is, the website for the village makes it sound less than attractive, actually it makes Marshland St James sound pretty awful. Either the site author believes honesty is best served cold - or he/she really hates the area. You'll make your own mind up.
Anyway, it's on the market through Abbots Countrywide with an asking price of £140k. More details and pictures here. And an inside pic below.