Friday, 1 March 2013

Cottage, Capel St Mary, nr Ipswich

I don't usually pick semis. Once in a blue moon a terraced house, particularly if it's in an expensive location, but pretty much everything I choose for 'Wreck' is detached. I like a bit of space between me and the neighbours. 
But this three-bed semi caught my eye; probably because of the pink but that's no bad thing. It's an old-lady-dated cottage, in the decent-sized village of Capel St Mary, around six miles from Ipswich.
It's cute, with nice - if small - rooms and a weird box of an extension at the back, dating from the 1950s:

The garden's a decent size, so plenty of space to extend further, and while it needs modernising and pretty-ing, the essentials are there - like an upstairs bathroom.
It's on the market through Grier and Partners at £169,950. Details here.