Monday, 25 March 2013

Cottage-ish, Wirksworth, Derbyshire

Now the Cockpit, to me, means a particularly lively venue in the centre of Leeds where, in the days when I could still pogo without needing to be three sheets sideways, I watched some fantastic bands play.
But Wreck reader Amanda emailed to tell me about this particular property in a small huddle of houses called The Cockpit, in Wirksworth.
Number 15 The Cockpit, consists of a one-bedroom stone cottage with attached garage and loft, plus large yard and part of the grassy bank you can see.
The cottage hasn't been lived in for donkeys' years and ceiling between the two floors has collapsed. The stone garage is a good size - 20' by 23' and has water and electricity connected. Amanda wrote:
"Just been to see this. Complete with goats around the back!
"Yes it's a tiny house but you can get in through the adjoining garage at the end, which is 3/4 times the size of the house itself, it's surrounded by other cottages in a tiny courtyard, off the main road but feels quaint and quiet and very nice.
"The garage part is a total empty shell, holes in walls etc, which leads through to the house itself."
Although the pic makes it look like it's in the middle of a farmyard. the location is actually hidden away in a rather nice part of Wirksworth - although you'd need to consider access for renovation traffic.
The property is up for auction through Graham Penny on April 11th, with a guide price of £18k plus. More details here.