Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Cottage, Snailbeach, Shrewsbury

'In a cottage in a wood, a little old man at the window stood...' My daughter so loved that nursery rhyme.
The cutest thing was watching her, aged five, lisping through the words and doing the actions.
Anyway, she's way beyond five now and I need to tell you about the house that put that song in my head.
Wreck reader Chrissie sent me the link to this one. A two-bedroom detached cottage in a wooded coppice.
The area, Snailbeach, is a heritage site linked to a large lead mine that operated in the 18th and 19th centuries. The cottage is believed to have belonged to one of the last miners to work at Snailbeach.
11 Upper Works is at the end of a track, on the edge of Snailbeach, around nine miles from Shrewsbury. It includes some original details, such as the cast iron range in the living room and fireplace in the bedroom (below), but needs refurbishing throughout.

The cottage stands in around a third of an acre of land and woodland and is on the market through Halls at offers over £130k. More details and pictures here and pdf brochure here.