Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Two wrecks: Isle of Lewis, Roxburghshire

More Scottish properties today (I promise I'll look southwards for my next post) and both of these are real toss-a-coin jobs as to whether you renovate or rebuild.
Wreck regular Kevin sent me the link to the windswept shell, above, on the Isle of Lewis. It's on the market through Western Isles Property, and the best description the agents could come up with for the property is that it makes "an attractive and level building site".
OK, I can understand the importance of "level" to developer types but 'Wreck' readers feast on challenge and revel in adversity, so here's some nicer bits worth knowing...
It's got great sea views. It's on the market at offers over £35k. It's "fully-serviced" which, if that means what it should mean ie sewage, electricity and water connected, is worth more than a flat site in my book. Sometimes the sun shines on Lewis.
The property is at Barvas, on the Isle of Lewis. Details here.
I couldn't decide whether to post this next property. On the one hand it's a wreck, and an expensive wreck at that. On the other hand, it's a castle. Was a castle.
Cavers Castle, near Denholm on the Scottish borders, comes with 11 acres and 500 years of history.
Right now it looks like this:

But back in its 100,000 acres day, when the Douglas' lived there, it looked like this:

It's been a handsome ruin for 56 years, albeit with some pretty solid eleven-feet thick walls, and is on the Buildings At Risk register.
Cavers Castle is on the market through Retties, at offers over £300k (£50k more than the 2005 asking price...)
Details and some fabulous pictures here.
Oh, and the title of 'Baron of Cavers' might be up for sale with the castle - how cool is that!