Thursday, 6 June 2013

House, Maitland, Ontario, Canada

I've wandered further afield today. Around 2,800 miles further.
Obviously I won't make a habit of this but this was a property sent to me by a Canadian estate agent and, while also a bit pricey for my usual wreck picks, I'm a sucker for a house by water.
For Canada, this is an old house - from around the 1780s, when Americans loyal to Britain left their newly-independent country to begin new lives in Canada.
Thousands of them - known as United Empire Loyalists, settled around the St Lawrence river and Lemon Mill is one of the properties they built.

It's a massive, detached stone house with 2,500 sqft of main living area, plus over an acre of land and garden and a further 1500 sqft of open-plan loft living space.
It sits on the banks of the St Lawrence, in Maitland, and has river access. Each floor has views of the river and a deck fronting it - including this wonderful enclosed and heated sun deck:

With a further open deck running around the first floor:

The ground floor you can see in the pic above is tenanted and the agent says the tenants will need 24 hours to quit. That floor has a large living room, galley kitchen, bathroom and a workshop out to the rear yard.
The first floor has an open-plan living area (pic two below) leading to the large kitchen (pic three), and en-suite master bedroom.
The chimney runs up through the house, with stone fireplaces on the first floor and in the open-plan loft (first pic):

The decor is seriously yukky: drab greys and enough wood cladding to put a Swede off saunas for life.
There are wonderful original features here but a lot that needs removing and stripping back to loveliness. I think this pic of the master bathroom sums up the job that needs doing:

It's on the market through Sue Steele at 650k Canadian dollars (around £407k). More pictures here.