Thursday, 13 June 2013

House, Wisbech St Mary, Cambridgeshire

Houses are like dogs - how they turn out depends on how the owner treats them.
I'm sure the owners of this particular house thought they were doing the right thing by it when they covered its lovely bricks with that faux-old frontage.
And half-clad the dining room. And stuck a big ugly conservatory on the back.
But actually they've created a real dogs' dinner that pushes a perfectly decent four-bed detached house in the village of Wisbech St Mary into the 'rescue me' category.
Lots of space - four bedrooms, three reception plus a family kitchen with a snug - all good sizes. A big garden with a garage and sheds. (Including a brick building housing the oil-fired central heating boiler).
It needs updating; massively so, but mostly it needs someone to come along and rip out all the country-pub cladding and fake beams and let the light in.

Because underneath the Heinz 57 styling, is something rather classic and lovely. Here's the view from the garden. Imagine the house without the extra bits stuck on.

It's on the market through Maxey Grounds at £175k. Details here (if it doesn't load properly, try the Zoopla link here).