Monday, 22 July 2013

Cottage, Castlebay, Isle of Barra

So, if I was to say "no electricity", would your response be a) Whoopee! Candles and log fires, or b) No way Jose, where's the nearest hot tub?
Tigh Na Horough is in Castlebay, on the beautiful Isle of Barra in the Hebrides (I've featured Castlebay before, this six-bed house is still for sale if you'd prefer bigger and comfier).
It's a detached, traditional, category C listed property with two rooms downstairs - one currently used as a bedroom, and a large loftspace with window.
There are stoves in the bedroom and living room and a toilet but no bathroom. There's not really a kitchen either. Basically we're talking holiday getaway and off-grid living (even Google doesn't have the address...)

There's a small garden wrapped around it and that, plus the C listing, will limit what you can do in terms of extending the property. However, the loft space has potential and I'd look at taking out part of the ceiling to open up a loft bedrom space, in the style of Welsh one-and-a-half-storey crofts (Under the Thatch have some fab examples and I tried for a good hour to add pictures and links but their site is a nightmare to load!!).
Tigh Na Horough is up for sale at offers over £45k through Skye Property Centre - more details here