Monday, 14 October 2013

Two Scottish bungalows, one with 'extras'

I'm in a bungalow frame of mind today. Maybe because, in our bid to create more space we spent Saturday adding an extension to the garden shed/office. A shedstention in fact.
However, there's much to be said for single storey living particularly when, in these two detached examples, there's space to grow outwards.
First up is the bungalow above, in Ullapool, around 30 miles from Dingwall and 60 from Inverness.
It needs a full renovation job, but there's a reason for that big picture window behind the standing stone. This:

A good-sized lounge, small kitchen, ugly dining room extension, bathroom and two bedrooms. Inside is old-lady-gone decor (I can't see a serving hatch without thinking of Mr Bean):

Outside is a decent-sized garden (above), but the extension will probably need rebuilding as part of the renovation or rebuild. It's on the market through TSH Burns at offers over £120k. Details here.

Sticking with Scottish bungalows, the dormer bungalow above, in Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire, is as ugly as it gets from the front. And also from the back. And, actually, the inside too. But bear with me because this one has hidden depths.
As illustration, I'm going to show you a series of pictures - each wackier than the last.

See - mad as a box of frogs! There are five big bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom plus that basement workshop area (which actually just creeped me out) and the attic with the crazy wallpaper.
Outside is a large garden running from the house, plus the side garden above with the row of lock-up garages. That side bit has had planning permission since 2005 to build three terraced houses on it. 
All for offers over £125k.
Great potential (assuming you want to live in Kilmarnock) but one heck of a renovation job. Estate agent is Allen and Harris, details and more pictures here.