Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Help - this is important!

By-and-large I'm not the begging sort but, PLEASE VOTE FOR ME! 
Wreck is shortlisted for the Primelocation blog of the year award - which is nice, but the buggers have made it a click-to-vote popularity contest.
I feel like I'm on X-Factor and up against Leona Lewis and One Direction.
The good news is that I'm currently nipping at the heels of the frontrunners and it'll only take a few more clicks to pip them at the post...

So please, come on you lot, if you like what I do, go to this link and click on Wreck of the Week in the poll for Best Blog.
And, if you want to be even more helpful, tell a few friends and colleagues about Wreck and ask them to vote too. The deadline is midnight on March 31st.
May work, may not but let's give it a go.
Thank you!
Sue x