Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Three little cottages, all in a row

Three Suffolk cottages to show you today. Although given that they're part of a terrace of four, you could look at this as potentially one property, or two.
Anyway, they came to me via Wreck reader Wendy, who wrote:
I have been an avid follower of your blog for a good few months. Upon my travels today I happened upon these 3 properties – the thing I found interesting is that they were up until last month council houses – they will cost the council too much to bring up to decent homes again so they are selling them off. I hope someone buys them and turns it in to one home.
If it were me (and assuming a sudden windfall), I'd buy the three; do up and rent or sell No 2, and turn Nos 3 and 4 into my three/four bedroom village home.
Sorry, getting a bit ahead of myself there. Let me show you some pictures.
At the top of the post are Nos 3 and No 4, below is No 2 (No 1 isn't for sale and looks to be occupied)

Here's the back of the terrace (No 1 is the house on the far right):

Notice those gates in the garden fences near to the houses? Have another look at the middle photo. There's a right of way across the properties to the side of No 1.
Not unusual in old houses (these date from 1550 - crikey!) but unless you manage to move it (say, to the end of everyone's garden?) you're not going to be able to extend the properties - and you're going to have to put up with your neighbour dragging their bins and garden rubbish past your window.
These are pretty land-locked properties so getting rid of the ROW is unlikely to be an option:

Each house is Grade II listed with a similar layout - a hall, living room and kitchen downstairs, two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. Aside from some lively decor, they all look in reasonable nick.

No 2

No 3

No 4
They're in the Suffolk village of Elmswell, around 16 miles from Ipswich.
All three properties are up for auction on November 20th, through TW Gaze, each with a guide price of £110-£130k. Details here and Rightmove links here, here and here.