Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Two Bankes estate cob cottages, Dorset

Cob, bap or bread cake? Where I'm from it's bread cake. Where I live it's cob. Bloke I'm married to insists on bap. Do you reckon there are other countries where your roots are revealed by the naming of your sandwich?
Anyway, these are altogether different types of cobs - traditional Dorset cob and thatch cottages.
They're being sold off by the National Trust, as more unwanted bits of the Bankes estate bequeathed to the Trust along with Kingston Lacy*
Both properties are up for sale by informal tender by noon THIS FRIDAY (November 7th), both with a guide price of £325k.
Pricey given the amount of restoration work needed, but they're both detached, three bedrooms on good size plots within Colehill's green belt.
Pictured top is the cottage at Wimborne. Downstairs is the entrance hall/dining room, plus lounge, kitchen, study and ground floor bathroom

Upstairs are three  bedrooms. Outside is around .6 of an acre of land, plus storage sheds.

The second property, Mountain Ash, is the detached cottage below, more-or-less its neighbour but Google and postcodes weren't clear.

Slightly smaller property but slightly bigger plot of land. Sitting room, kitchen and shower room downstairs, three bedrooms upstairs. Nice views from the garden/jungle.

Both properties are for sale through Hearnes. Details here and on Zoopla here or property one, and here and here for property two.

* The 1981 Bankes estate donation has attracted controversy. Reclusive old bloke, living in four rooms of his decrepit stately home, deeds everything to the National Trust on his death - every acre, brick and priceless painting, despite having living heirs. Mentioned here, but not here.