Thursday, 3 November 2011

Have you bought a 'wreck'?

Renovating a wreck? Up to your elbows in mortar mix? Hair permanently dust-coloured? Do drop me an email and tell me how your project's going.
As well as putting wrecks for sale on WOW I'd like to be able to feature the inspiring people who take on turning a wreck into a home and share the lessons that you've learned with wreck 'newbies'.
I'm not talking Grand Designs-style "here's the challenge... here's a bit of conflict... here's a finished house", but sharing the day-to-day grind of spending every free minute dressed as Builder Bob's orphan cousin and doing your plumbing apprenticeship.via YouTube.
Sound like you? Tell me about it.
Sue x

PS: BBC Two's Restoration Home has been in touch recently and is keen to talk to owners working on restoring historic 'wrecks' - drop me an email if you that's you and you might be interested in being on the telly.