Wednesday 9 July 2014

A bunch of property wrecks in Charentes, France

Some of you may remember that this whole wreck of the week blog thingy started after hubby and I lost our deposit on a wreck in France.
Anyway, I still have a bit of soft spot for France's green and lovely middle so today's pick is a French wreck - several wrecks actually - sent to me by reader Kevin.
The first one is the half-shell of a cottage, above, with these imposing ruined lime kilns and around 8000m land, next to a river near the town of Nieuil, in Charentes:

Secluded, peaceful and with planning permission to renovate and rebuild the cottage. There are no services or drainage. It's on the market through Beaux Villages at euro70k, details here.
Also up for sale is this partially-restored former barn with its own three-hectare lake:

The ground floor of the barn had, according to Kevin, been developed for use as a restaurant and the upstairs is still one big, open space.
Pricier than my usual picks at euro318k, it's up for sale through Leggett - details here.
All these properties are part of one big lot - split up for sale through different agents.
The details online are pretty rubbish - it's impossible to see how they relate to each other or what else is around them, or even what else may be up for sale on the site.
For instance, the former forge below, that hasn't yet come on the market, and seems to be on the same lake (along with other buildings) and all of them may once have belonged to the grand Chateau de Nieuil.

Anyway, now it all belongs to Kevin who had been renovating it himself until the dream ended this year with "a couple of heart attacks".