Hello, I'm Sue

I'm not an estate agent and I can't help you find a property (this might help), but I'd love to hear from you if you spot a  property you think my readers would like to see, or you have a crazy/tough/cool renovation story my readers might want to hear about?

You can email me at

Or tweet me at @wreckoftheweek

I'm not on Facebook (no judgement there, just don't do it myself) and tbh I'm not big on social media generally. Email's your best bet.

If you do email me, know that I'll keep your email for up to two months, in case I need to refer back to it, and then I'll delete it. I won't share your email address with anyone (unless you ask me to do so). Know that I may quote your email (with your first name) if you're saying something interesting about a property or your renovation story - but you can tell me not to to do that.

I think that's all I need to tell you about emails for the GDPR thing, but who knows (certainly not Google  it seems)?!

If you ask me to add an advert to the Wanting to buy page, your email address will obviously be listed on the page. I keep ads on there for six months, sometimes it's longer if I haven't got around to updating that page, but if you want me to remove your ad, just email me and ask.

I don't keep a mailing list. I did have a Feedburner "email me when there's a new post" registration thing, but I couldn't work out whether that was compliant or not, so I've deleted it (and the details of everyone who was registered, sorry if that means you're missing me - it just seemed easier). You'll just have to keep visiting ; )  (tip - I often update on a Tuesday).

Beyond that, I know there are cookies on the site but Google/Adsense do that and I can't do anything about the cookies, aside from my having told Google what types of ads are OK (I've blocked - hopefully - gambling, politics, porn, get rich quick schemes, beauty and weight-loss ads. But if you see any other dodgy ads, let me know and I'll see if I can do anything about it).

Sorry this is all a bit long for a contacts page, but hopefully I can shorten it once the whole GDPR has bedded down.

Sue x