Firstly, we're not estate agents. We pick nice 'wrecks' and put them here to be helpful.

Actually, we're not even a 'we', we're a 'me', Sue Greenwood, and I do this as a hobby* alongside my paid job/s because I'm still looking for my own perfect 'wreck'.

Five years ago, my husband and I put a hefty deposit down on a rambling wreck of a farm in France. Then the world turned and we had to walk away from the property and the money. Since then, whenever things start to feel a bit more settled, we start the search again - this time focused on the UK.

I started Wreck of the Week (WOW) a couple of years ago, after I'd got fed up of spending every lunchbreak searching estate agents' websites one-by-one for our affordable dream wreck. I wanted to create a site that collected together the best of the 'wrecks' in one place. My friend Chrissie calls it "property porn".

Truthfully, I'm just hoping one of us - me or you - finds the home we're looking for on 'Wreck...'

The Wreck of the Week headquarters

*Yes - hobby. I make about £60 a month from the Google and Amazon ads you see scattered around the site but that's it - no estate agent fees, no property ads. I'm the independent type.