Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Two live/work properties to renovate

Couple of interesting renovate/live/work possibilities for you today. Starting with this former print shop in Shrewsbury.
Bit of a mess inside, but lots of space and potential too.

Three bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen upstairs, large main room downstairs, plus the shop and store and another kitchen.

But the garden is what sold it to me. Lovely big space.

I'm thinking cafe plus art shop and a children's' sculpture/sensory garden, with a two-bedroom apartment over?
Or you could just turn into one handsome big townhouse.
On the market through Roger Parry at offers over £250k. More here and here
Rather prettier (and pricier) is this lovely house and two-storey workshop in the Northumberland market town of Rothbury.

Percy Cottage has three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, two reception rooms, kitchen and a lovely hall downstairs.

Plus that lovely big barn/workshop.

And a gorgeous large garden with yummy views across the Simonside Hills (let's pretend we haven't noticed the graveyard next door, shall we?)

On the market through Turvey Westgarth with a guide price of £350K. More here and here.

Monday, 10 September 2018

Three rural Welsh homes, two with sea views

Apologies for the posting gap, I've been on my travels again. And my travelling does seem to take me to Wales a fair bit so I've got a bit of a Welsh wrecks special for you today. 
This stunning coastal home first of all. I'm absolutely besotted with this one. The sea views are amazing (and definitely make up for the damp corners in the bedrooms...).

Three bedrooms and large bathroom upstairs, dining kitchen, living room, halls and utility downstairs.

And 22 acres outside.
Just let that sink in for a while. Sea views across Ceredigion Bay and Llyn Peninsula to the front, mountains and fields to the rear - acres of which you own.

There are gardens to the front, side and rear, and the property is within the Snowdonia National park.
Gwastadgoed Canol is a couple of miles from the pretty coastal village of Llwyngwril, on the Cardigan Bay Coast, Gwynedd.
On the market through RG Jones with a  guide price of £325k. Details and more pictures here and here.
The property below, at Morfa a couple of miles from Newport, is very similar.

Gorgeous coastal views again, nice-looking three-bedroom house (at least from the outside - no inside pix with this one), and land. Just over 16 acres.

There's a garage and storage, plus gardens, as well as that land (split into two blocks)
Up for auction on October 5th, through JJ Morris with a guide price of £300k-£350k. Details here and here.
Also up for auction - although rather sooner on September 20th, is this gorgeous two-for-one.

Sent by regular reader Jacky ("another Welsh gem!"), it's a former chapel plus chapel house, just outside the market town of Lyanfyllin, Powys.
The pretty, former Welsh Presbyterian chapel is basically one big (ish) room, and the chapel house is is basically two rooms upstairs and two downstairs (no inside pix).

All enclosed within the chapel's - overgrown - grounds.

The chapel itself is so, so pretty. And, for a building in the middle of nowhere with several broken windows, looks pretty well-preserved and vandal-dodged.

Up for auction through MMP with a guide price of £50k. Details here and here.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Two cottages and a country manor to renovate

A little while ago, I wrote about a gorgeous, off-grid Cumbria farmhouse but also confessed that I'm not Cumbria's biggest fan. I mentioned the lack of sunshine. 
Anyway, the gorgeous farmhouse sold (hurrah!) and I got lots of emails from readers telling me that yes, the sun did shine on Cumbria and was in fact beaming down that very day.
To be fair, this was in the middle of June's heatwave so pretty much everywhere was sunny. But OK, I accept; the sun does also shine on Cumbria.
Anyway, just to show that as a Yorkshire lass, I do very much appreciate God's other county, here are three more Cumbria beauties to share with you.
The first two are around the old market town of Sedbergh. Which I've never visited but given that it describes itself as England's "book town", I'll definitely be planning a trip there soon.
Hubby and I are the sort of people who have books in every room, and I'm that annoying person who gets excited about re-categorising them every couple of years. This year, I've done the spine colour thing and, aside from the prettiness, I like the juxaposition factor.

Back to Sedbergh. My favourite of this week's picks is the very lovely end of terrace above and below.

Stunning views from every door and window, in the middle of countryside in the tiny village of Millthrop, a couple of miles outside Sedbergh.

Lounge, dining room, kitchen and pantry downstairs; three bedrooms and wet room upstairs. Pretty gardens front and back, detached garage and parking. Sweet, compact and pretty damn near perfect.

On the market through Milne Moser with a guide price of £200k. More here and here.
In Sedbergh itself, is the cute terraced house, below.
Now we all know I don't generally feature terraces, but this one is right in the middle of arts and crafts and books central, positioned on Sedbergh's historic Main Street.

Bit dark and unappealing inside, but nothing a lot of white paint and a sensitive refurb couldn't deal with.

Three bedrooms and bathroom upstairs, two large rooms downstairs, including kitchen. A bit of a higgledy-piggedly arrangement and shape to it, but that adds character as well as challenge.
Rather like this rowing machine in the middle of the bedroom...

Outside is this sweet little yard.

All in all lots of potential, particularly if you're looking for holiday home/let in an increasingly popular area.
On the market through Cobble Country at offers over £125k, by Friday, September 21st. More here and here.
And finally, if those two are rather more cute than challenging for you, Michael CL Hodgson has Darfield House, below, up for auction on September 21st.

The three storey, five-bedroom country home is in lovely countryside three miles outside Kendal, at Selside.

An abandoned wreck, it's the neatly stacked albums in the living room that got to me.

Lovely big space, lots of period details, and surrounded by large - overgrown - gardens.
The barn is being sold separately, which is a pity, and none of the services to the house are currently working.
Beautiful space though and really needs someone to take on its restoration, back to something akin to its past loveliness:

Up for auction with a guide price of £220k. Details and more pictures here and here. PDF brochure here.