Thursday, 2 July 2020

Gorgeous Scottish cottages to renovate

Two cute-as-buttons Scottish cottages for you today - in honour of our holiday in Scotland next week (thanks, Nicola).
First up, Old Faskally Cottage, in Killiecrankie (what names!). The two-bedroom cottage is a quite stunning positively brimming over with original details. I spent ages just looking at these pictures...

All on one level, there's a lounge, kitchen, two bedrooms and a shower room, plus a lean-to storeroom offering extension possibilities.

Lovely, lovely place and reminds me of so many traditional cottages we've holidayed in over the years, in Scotland and Wales.
Outside are gardens on all sides, and lovely open views, with the A9 and historic Killiecrankie a mile or so away.

Old Faskally is on the market through Irving Geddes with a guide price of £150k. Details and more pictures here and here.
Also in Perthshire, and a tad larger with three bedrooms over two floors (you'll want to change that), is this cottage in Blairgowrie.

Rather more of the original features have been removed or covered, but this handsome-looking traditional stone house does sit in its own, enclosed courtyard/driveway with stone outbuildings and a walled garden.

Who needs the privacy of open views when you've got chunky walls ; )
Inside is that slightly odd layout, but some lovely big rooms to work with - and I love the hall.

On the market with Hodge Solicitors at offers over £173,500. Details and more pictures here and here.

Thursday, 11 June 2020

Wrecks (mostly) with lots of land

Let's go big today. Big on ambition, big on land. I've got a bevy of wrecks and wreck-ish properties to show you that will stretch your Good Life imaginings (and your pockets).
Starting here, with Grade II* listed Denver Hall, in the other Denver.
Sent to me by reader Ben (more of him later), the nine-bedroom country manor comes with almost five acres of wooded grounds, including ponds (love the fisherman's chair) and a listed gatehouse.

It is a quite beautiful 16th century building with 18th century add-ons. Links to Lord Nelson (let's skip over that for now...) and in a very pretty part of rural west Norfolk.
There are a gazillion rooms, most needing work, and further renovation work needed of the house and gatehouse - with that listed status reducing corner-cutting. Denver Hall is currently on Historic England's At Risk register.

On the market through Barry L Hawkins at £795k. Details and more pictures here and here.
I mentioned Ben. He'd been trying to persuade his parents, moving to Norfolk from Australia, to buy a big wreck he could take on as project. That didn't work, but during the process they visited another manor house in Denver which, Ben assured me, is wreckier than it looks.

Inside, he wrote, is in reasonable condition, the biggest job likely to be the electrics and possibly "some attention" to the roof. He added:
So is it a wreck? Well, I think so. Because the garden is off the charts. Hugely overgrown, so much so that almost no light is getting into the garden, let alone the house. The climbing hydrangea is - no lie - growing out 8 feet from the rear facade. It's miserably dark in the garden and in the house, but a tree surgeon and a week or two would transform it! 
Here's Ben's picture of that rampant hydrangea.

There's a "fascinating" and overgrown walled garden (exhibit B, below) and after that his email goes all Monty Don. I get it Ben, the garden's a wreck!

Anyway, Ben didn't persuade his parents to buy it (on the market through Sowerby's by the way, at £850k. Details and lots more pictures here and here) or persuade me that this, is a wreck.

But he did send me Denver Hall, in the same village. And did persuade me that the rather clunky location categories I've used for the past ten years really need more nuance. So, for Ben, East Anglia is now a category.
Let's move on.
Another reader, Rachel, sent me a link to her own wreck which has just gone on the market.

In a lovely area of Pembrokeshire, it comes with a HUGE 33 acres.
Narbeth, Cardigan and Carmarthen and the M4 are in commuting distance but realistically this scale of place needs you to stay put and put the work in.

Rachel and her family bought it as project but "life got in the way" (we're all with you there, Rachel) and they didn't finish. They did manage to build a pretty strawbale studio, but the house and its several outbuildings are all still largely to do.

On the market through John Francis at £395k. Details and more pictures here and here.
And finally. Right at the bottom of the pile price-wise, in fact a tenth of the price of Denver Hall, is this three-bedroom cottage with just under 19 acres.

Yet another example of the bang you'll get for your bucks in Ireland, the house is just outside the village of Dunmore in County Galway.
No inside pictures (boo!) but the location and the mixed woodland and land look lovely.

It's on the market at a teeny tiny 80,000 euro - around £73k for a cute wreck and 19 acres for goodness sake! Details and more pictures here.

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Two Lincolnshire country homes to renovate

Hello! How are we all doing? Good? Good enough? 
Apparently we're all now looking to move to the country... Me, I 'd just like to see a little more of that country land bank being built on with more affordable homes, so my children get a fighting a chance at owning their own home.
Let's kick off our wreck imaginings with this rather grand and lovely country manor sent to me by a longtime Wreck reader.

The property is a mile or so outside the Lincolnshire village of Gedney Drove End, and a couple of miles from the spectacular Wash and nature reserve.

Four bedrooms, no bathroom or kitchen (at least not one with anything connected or working), very overgrown gardens and a whole heap of renovation to do.
Lots of work but lots of potential.
There's also a large, separate coach house/barn (with a currently inaccessible first floor) all in the middle of rural Lincolnshire, with its acres of open, flat fields.

It's on the market through William H Brown at £295k, Details and more pictures here and here.

In a similar surrounded-by-flat-fields vein, this listed thatched cottage may be rather less of a renovation challenge.

The two-bedroom house is in the Wolds village of Mareham on the Hill and comes with a decent-sized garden plot and separate garage, plus an abundance of dark beams and dinky windows.

May just be me, but it's got a feel of long-term rental about it - yucky brown carpets and magnolia walls throughout and a tired kitchen and bathroom. But gutted and re-vamped, there's the makings of very pretty country cottage in lovely bit of England.

It was also re-thatched last year, so big plus there.
On the market through Walter's estate agents at £250k. Good luck, however, in trying to find the house on the website, I gave up - they have the worst search set-up I've come across! Try Rightmove instead for details and lots more pictures.

Monday, 18 May 2020

Grand country house or tiny terrace - wrecks with views

Hello. How are we all doing? Or would you rather we didn't go there today - let's just distract ourselves, shall we? 
I have two properties to show you today - the little and large of my property picks, both with stunning country views but very different offerings. And price tags.
Maes Y Neuadd, in Snowdonia, is a former country house hotel that, in its more glorious past, put up the likes of Jackie Kennedy, Kylie Minogue and Nigel Mansell (and several "ghosts").
It's not really a wreck (see my fluid definition of that here) but it definitely needs a lot of work.

Just under six acres of gardens and land - including walled kitchen garden, paddock, lake and woodland.
As well as the main house, there's a four-bedroom coachhouse which has had rather more recent use.

The views are quite stunning - mountains to one side and the headland and sea on the other.

It's been on the market for around 18months, having last sold in 2015 for £350k (with some works completed since then). The current £695k price tag is a drop of around £50k on its 2018 ticket.
On the market through Strutt and Parker. Details and more pictures here and here.

But for those of you looking for great views, but for significantly less cash, how about this super-cute terraced house in a Scottish Borders village?

On the main street in the village of Chirnside, about six miles from Duns and around nine from Berwick-upon-Tweed.
The views from the garden are quite breathtaking - and the garden is cute too.

Inside it's rather less cute, there's work to do here. The house has two or three bedrooms (depending on whether you count the bedroom that's downstairs) and the bathroom is downstairs.

There's also a bit of thing with access to your garden via a right of way across a neighbour's plot, which will limit your ability to extend. 
But it is a quite stunning outlook and, with a guide price of £65k, comes in at a tenth of the price of our Welsh country manor. Also, I really like that zingy floral wallpaper.
On the market through JD Clark and Allan. More details here and here.

Friday, 13 March 2020

Two rural churches and a cottage to renovate

My previous post is feeling rather flippant today. Not least because, rather than find an isolated cottage away from people generally, I'm worrying more about the need to stay away from people I love - my elderly mum with chronic illnesses; my brother with cancer.
Suddenly, how we choose to live together over the coming days is more important than finding somewhere to live apart.
Here are three properties with potential to inspire - or distract - us all from these darkening times.
My first choice is the very pretty St Edmunds church, above and below, in the East Yorkshire coastal village of Fraisthorpe.

There are no internal photos - which would normally put me off featuring a property - but the prettiness and the deadline (final offers by March 20th) mean I wanted to show you it.
The property, one of the Church of England's current disposals, comes with permissions already in place to turn the Grade II listed church into a two-bedroom house.
And the guide price of offers over £100k is attractive for a detached property in this location (though you'll want to check there no plans to build on that field in front of you).

On the market through Dee Atkinson & Harrison, details and more pictures here and here.

Another church next - this time in the North Yorkshire National Park village of Chopgate.

Again, it comes with planning permission in place to turn it into a two-bedroom home, however this time there are restrictions - holiday accommodation only, you can't do it up to live there (is it just me who finds it bizarre that the body charged with protecting the national park stops people actually living there but is happy for any number of people to visit?).

Also, if someone could tell me why there's a canoe in the chapel, I'd be grateful?
Hopefully it's not a flood warning...
Regardless of the limitations, it is a very pretty chapel in a very lovely part of northern Yorkshire.
On the market through Roseberry Newhouse with a guide price of £80k. (Sketchy) details and more pictures here and here.

And finally, I love this little cottage in the Cairngorms. Lovely shape, nice big garden space, and it already has planning permission to replace that dodgy side extension.

Clearly work to be done.
And I can see why the agent didn't take pictures of the view from the from the front:

But none-the-less a really sweet, three-bedroom house with potential, and in a lovely bit of our world.
On the market through Masson Cairns at £149,950. Details and more pictures here and here.