Monday, 26 July 2021

Four cute wrecks under £120k

Things have been getting a little over-heated price-wise in the property market. And, I'll admit, I'm probably adding to that by showing you rather too many grand, lottery-win preferred, country homes. So this week I've set myself a target of picking projects in the £100k-ish price band.

Starting here. With this super-cute old-lady-gone house that is so completely time stopped it feels like a portal to a parallel past.

The end terrace is in pretty Morpeth, Northumberland, and comes with two bedrooms, a lovely and overgrown garden, and great views. 
It also has - clearly - plenty of original features that will need tackling, Such as the outside loo, no bathroom, and what looks like fairly ancient wiring.
But it's called Rose Cottage for goodness sake, and is 30 minutes drive from the Northumberland coast and ten minutes from its national park. 

On the market with a guide price of £110k, via Turvey Westgarth. Details and more pictures here and here.
While we're looking in that £100k price range, I thought I'd show you this property. A long way from grand country manor but wrapped around that un-pretty box is a lovely piece of garden and a great location.

It's the lodge house to Thirkleby Park, in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, a former country estate turned holiday park, and the one-bedroom property is Grade II listed. 
There's also a bathroom, kitchen and lounge with brick fireplace, and a detached garage and outbuildings. I'm rather in love with the windows.

On the market through Hunters at offers over £100k. Details and more pictures here.
And, for those of you thinking even £100k is bit rich, I've found you two adorable country chapels at under £40k. You're welcome.
This redundant Methodist chapel is one of several up for sale via agents Norman F Brown. The stone chapel sits in a lovely position facing onto Ravensworth's village green, North Yorkshire.

Basically, one big church hall with a porch and store and there's a LOT of work to do to turn this into a working home - starting with getting change-of-use permissions (it's a bargain for good reasons).

Ravensworth chapel does come with a decent plot of outside space - unusual in a chapel sale - although I'd be worried by those possible burial plots. Graves bring their own barrel of planning fun.
Best and final offers over £25k by August 2nd. Details and more pictures here and here.
Also on Norman F Brown's books is this chapel in Barden, near Leyburn.

Rather more inside space than its rival, this former chapel has a kitchen and a loo - which means water, drainage and electricity are connected - woohoo!

On the downside however, it has great views but no garden. Basically your usual country chapel with a bit of path and shrubbery separating you from the sheep.
Best and final offers over £37,500 by August 6th. Details and more pictures here and here.

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

An old rectory and an old home by the Irish sea


How are we all? Ready for some renovation day-dreaming? Let's begin here...

With this very, very lovely former rectory in the Lincolnshire village of East Barkwith, around eight miles from Market Rasen and 17 from Lincoln.

The Old Rectory was sent to me separately by two Wreck readers - Miriam and Helen - both clearly have an eye for the type of property I'm going to fall in love with : )

As you'd expect from a  'Wreck' pick there are oodles of original features (does anyone actually SAY "oodles" in real life?) and a great deal of renovation work to be done. But, honestly, who doesn't love this wallpaper?

There's a grand hall, two large reception rooms and kitchen downstairs; four bedrooms (one on the "better as an ensuite" size), bathroom and loo upstairs.

Outside is around an acre of garden, including walled kitchen garden, and brick stable/store. While the house isn't listed (unlike its neighbouring church) it is keenly monitored by planning officers and presumably several layers of village committees, and a pre-planning application has been made to get an indication of what is and isn't likely to win approval.

On the market at £325k via Perkins George Mawer, details and more pictures here and here.

Miriam also highlighted this four-bedroom village house buried under shrubbery, in the village of Holton-cum-Beckering, a few miles outside Market Rasen. Rather more wreck-y and rather fewer appealing features left, it's none-the-less a big house on good-size chunk of land in a pretty part of Lincolnshire.

Up for auction online with a guide price of £325k. Details, internal photos and a video here

And finally, for all of us with rather less than £400k in our bank accounts, here's your regular reminder that just150,000 euro (around £128k) will - in much-overlooked Ireland - get you a detached, three-bedroom wreck on the coast with seven acres of land.

Leahill house is in West Cork and, oh my, could there be a prettier place to renovate a home than this?

On the market through Michael Galvin Auctioneers. Details and more pictures here and here.

Thursday, 10 June 2021

Three country piles (needing piles of cash)

I'm starting this post in tears. The angry sort, not the tragic sort. And not because the end of the world has got any closer, but because I'm having to start this post. Again. Having lost six hours work with a single wrong key stroke in my final paragraph.

Also, telling me you've been there too won't help right now. Let's just get on with it shall we, bearing in mind version one was much jollier; this version involves gritted teeth.

House No. 1 (above) sent to me by reader Lawrence (back from Latvia) is part Hobbit home in the Shires and part second little pig rustic. But it is adorable and easily my favourite of the three.

Also it comes with 24 acres.

The house, near Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire, has had the same occupant for 40 years who clearly had a ball here in this hidden home in a copse in its fields - working, painting...

There's an occupancy restriction (agriculture/equestrian) but personally I'm a big fan of anything that would stop it being turned into holiday lets and glamping fields by some banker.

Two bedrooms and bathroom upstairs; large living room, kitchen, store, loo and Miss Haversham's conservatory downstairs.

And outside, acres of land waiting for a horse and donkey sanctuary (I'm already attaching daydreams to this place) and a bunch of outbuildings, including stables and two barns.

On the market through Savills with a guide price of £550k. Details and more pictures here.

Moving up the scale by five more bedrooms, is this Grade II Listed Abbey Farmhouse, in Flixton, Suffolk

There is masses of space, masses of work (some works appear to have been started but not finished) and masses of potential. Also, what may be a chicken farm nearby, says Helen who sent me the link.

"I can't stop browsing the pictures," she wrote. "The only problem is it's very close to a huge indoor poultry farm... But a rare historic gem in the delightful Waveney Valley, with a ruined Priory in the garden, and moats, and definitely needing restoration."

And 16 acres of grassland and meadow (more space for rescued donkeys). And a Historic Monument listing for the moat and priory remnants.

Quite the package, and the challenge. But then again - big country house, 16 acres, and a historic ruin and partial moat in the garden.

On the market through Durrants with a guide price of £750k. More here.

And finally (and fingers crossed I get to the end of this section this time...) a handsome Arts and Crafts mansion in Maidenhead, sent to me by Tim.

The former council building is on the market at a hefty £1.2m, and barely a garden - never mind space for equines. But it does come with 10 bedrooms, very handsome original features and a health and safety first perspective.

I think the kitchen sums Brocket house up pretty succinctly. Anyone got an axe?

On the market through Braxton. Details here.

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

A big house by the sea (and a small rant from me)

I was going to start with another list of names, but there are rather a lot of you. Thank-you - many, many thank-yous - for all the "welcome back" emails. Little stars the lot of you : )

Let's get going.

To here - Combe Martin on Devon's gorgeously lumpy bumpy coastline. This six-bedroom house is on the pricey side for a Wreck pick (more of that later), and rather surrounded by its brasher new neighbours. 

But there's something rather stately and lovely about the house with its big rooms, shapely windows, and that stunning 0.66 acre garden. Took something for its former owners to hang onto a plot that size in the middle of one of Devon's prettiest seaside towns. Although the silver mine shaft beneath may have been a factor...

Inside we're talking rather more than "updating" and I'd put money on that ceiling trim being the better type of asbestos. But old houses are always a balance between potential and risk, it's what draws us to them; we're here to save. Or least to dream about saving.

As well as six bedrooms (and one bathroom), there are four reception rooms, a galley kitchen opening into a cute dining/baking space, a conservatory (pretty but unlikely to stay), attached garage and side garden, as well as the rear garden.

It's on the market through Stags at £499,950. Details and lots more pictures here and here

As I said, on the pricier side compared to my usual picks but not a ridiculous price give the area and the land. But can I just say - what on earth has happened to the property market while I've been away?!! Even the very wrecky wrecks that had been kicking around my "maybe" list for a couple of years have now sold. Everything is being snapped up in what must have been a boom year for the building trades. 

I came across this HMO in my trawl around auction sites today. 

Lovely building, in a lovely area of Clevedon, and up for just under £1m at auction on May 19th as an 16-rooms multi-occupancy pulling in over £98k a year in rent. 

That's £500 a month rent to have spent lockdown working from here:

Have a look at some of the other rooms from that link. It's not a dump; it's got a gorgeous garden for a start. It's not one of those multi-occupancy horror stories we're getting used to, but it is a reminder of just how completely out of whack the property market is with our property needs. Particularly, the property needs of our children.

To reinforce my point, Hollis Morgan has another property up for auction (April 21st), this one in even more popular Bristol. Definitely has potential, and with a guide price of just £40k for a building in Brislington, it's likely to attract a lot of interest.

But it's a garage. A big garage, fair enough. And one with a mezzanine floor, a front door, a back yard, and some architect drawings. But a garage with a residential planning application turned down (2016). 

Bet you a reclaimed brick it'll sell for double it's guide price...  Details and more pictures here