Wanting to buy

Looking for a wreck of your own? Or got one to sell? Lots of you write asking if I can help you find or sell a property. Sorry, but I can't. Wreck is my hobby not my job, and I can't help with individual searches. 
What I can offer instead is this page. If you're a property buyer and would like to reach property owners and estate agents that visit Wreck, add your ad to this page. It'll cost you £4 for six months via Paypal (pay to sue2@openbook.co.uk) and you can write it yourself or I'll write it from the email you send me. 

Sell your land or property quickly to professional developers. If your land has the potential for several residences to be built upon it, whether it be flats or houses, property developers could be interested in buying it. No limit on budget, budget determined by project size. UK wide. You may wish to sell just part of your land, that is fine, just send us the details. Submit details here: www.landandpropertysourcing.co.uk

Rural home, Somerset. Looking for a three-bedroom, detached house with a bit of land, plus old kennels or outbuildings. In a peaceful, rural setting please. Budget £300-£350k. Contact Ashley at ashleycrews8@gmail.com

Seeking the developer's dream! A renovation small hold or property with small acreage. Must be a rural location - Devon, Somerset, or South/West/South-West Wales. Preferable secluded, outbuildings, within 30minutes of coast and under £300k. No derelicts but we welcome properties in need of serious renovation and/or development. All opportunities gratefully considered. Email Paul-Marc at paulie@me-dias.com or events@me-dias.com

Run-down Welsh retirement do-up! We're looking for a rundown property to do up for our retirement. We would use it as a weekend retreat while we are still working. We love North Wales - all areas really, coastal or remote. Ideally detached. Budget anything up to £100k. Contact Amanda and Steve via amanda@bpg-ltd.co.uk

Pool resources and expertise
Looking for like-minded folk to get out of rat-race to coastal property, 5-20 acres, plenty buildings for adaptation/independent living. Share horticulture, etc. Wales? East Anglia? Prob. not Scotland too cold! Prob not SW too crowded. Engineer turned teacher turned HGV! '80s/90s - fairly practical, cf. today - very practical :-)
Tentative enquiry, testing water to see level of interest. Philosophy - Christian, spiritual, NOT religious. Married, 56, no dependants. Above average solvency. Contact Andrew, awakelingg@yahoo.com

New Forest. Budget negotiable. Family of five from the Isle of Wight have just sold and are now seeking a new home. We are looking for a loveable wreck in the New Forest area, preferably within a few miles of Fordingbridge. All options considered! Email Rob at rmwilko@gmail.com

Kent and surrounding areas. Budget up to £200k. We are looking for a property in any state of disrepair somewhere in Kent or nearby counties, town or country, preferably near Maidstone. A property which includes land (anything up to an acre), and a bonus would be outbuildings on the property. Could be an old church, schoolhouse, or farm buildings. Cash buyers, no chain. We are retired, looking for a project and would consider anything. Please email Roger and Alison at silver_beat@hotmail.com

Hinckley, Leicestershire and surrounding areas. Budget up to £100k. I'm looking for a suitable commercial/factory/barn property to convert into a residential dwelling in Hinckley, Leicestershire or possibly any surrounding towns/areas. I have a budget of £70,000-£100,000 and am looking for around 1000sq/ft of ideally an open space. Please email Alex at alex.boam@googlemail.com

Scottish Highlands. Budget up to £160k. We would love to be situated anywhere between Fort William, Fort Augustus, and Inverness. We are looking for a detached, croft property, and anything that has over an acre as we would like to convert it into a fully self-sufficient eco house with an eco campsite. We would accept a regular house if it has the land. The property must be able to secure a mortgage against. We are happy with minor renovation work (as long as its nothing structural or expensive). Being an arborist, I would like some mature trees and shrubs (overgrown is fine, but definitely no barren heathland). Please email Ben at woodlandrider.bb@googlemail.com

South West-ish. Budget up to £250k. We are searching for a small (2 bedroom) quirky stone property tucked away near the sound of water in peaceful rural setting - a quirky something that can be called a retreat. Location ....ideally situated in Exmoor, Quantock Hills or Dorset or may consider elsewhere in South West as long as it is away from traffic and new ugly development but walkable to a nearby village. Love stone shippons (cow sheds), Victorian gothic or even early 1900s wooden pavilions and rolling countryside. Please email Flick at retroflick@me.com

Midlands. Budget up to £300K. Looking for something rural — no main or busy roads, preferably an unadopted road or very long private driveway. Near a village. Walking distance to pub would be lovely, but will consider almost anything. Wanting at least an acre, with outbuildings or room to build  outbuildings. After something quirky, unusual, or old. Detached. Hills, water, woodland all welcome. Email vicky@vickyfraser.com

South West. Budget negotiable. Interested in disused and derelict buildings in the south west of England. Anything considered. Contact Niall Leighton-Boyce at nialluk@icloud.com

South Herts / Inner Chilterns areas. Budget £200-£250k (cash). We'd love to find a lovely old building in need of some serious TLC which we could turn into our first home. Very flexible as to what - but ideally it would be an older building with at least a bit of a garden. Any condition considered but it's got to be lovely...! We're teachers so could spend a long summer working on it - but obviously would get the builders in for the serious stuff. Needs to be within reach of Edgware, so probably looking at Hertfordshire/Buckinghamshire - currently in St. Albans but would look further out. Please email Andrew and Dora at estragno@gmail.com

Coastal areas. UK, Wales, Ireland. Budget up to £100k. I'm looking for any type of place as long as it has a garden and is not a flat, with at least two bedrooms. It needs to be livable from the start, even if it needs work. I'm a freelance graphic designer so the property must have mains electric and be able to get a phoneline for broadband. Most of all it has to be close to the sea with a view. If you can help, email me. John via myscimitar@btinternet.com