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Starting a renovation project, or part-way through one?
I get emails most weeks from TV and press folk seeking would-be renovators. I thought the easiest thing would be to just post the details I'm sent here and let you contact them direct. Latest first.
Sue x

Are you about to or currently renovating a large historic house? We’re on the hunt for people up & down the country who are renovating run down properties and have taken on big projects for a brand new channel 4 series 'Renovation Nation'. Whether it’s a Victorian villa, an Art Deco mansion, country house or castle, we want to hear from a variety of projects in the UK. Does your house have loads of history? Is it a large ambitious project that we could film this year? We’d love to hear all about it. Send an email to 

The team at Hotel Inspector is looking for Wreck readers who have turned their do-up into hospitality businesses. Lily emailed: Alex Polizzi is on a quest to revive the fortunes of hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs that aren't reaching their full potential. If you are an owner in need of some expert advice on raising reviews, boosting occupancy and making your business profitable, get in touch now! Email the team for more information at

And, in a similar vein. Struan at Friel Kean Films, a Glasgow-based production company, got in touch about their search for property owners looking to get into the holiday let side of things. He wrote:  "We’ve just began the casting process for “Be My Guest” a brand new property renovation series for the Discovery channel that is looking for first time renovators who are about to turn space in or around their property into a new holiday let". Contact or call 0141 212 2894

Are you about to begin, or part-way through, converting a historic building into a private home? Windfall Films is making a brand-new series, Building Historic Homes, and is looking to follow people turning old buildings of historic interest - mostly those not intended for residential use - into private dwellings. The series follows the unique challenges of converting and conserving historic buildings - and showcases the ultimately stunning homes that are built. Contact Zara Powell at

In his brand new series for Channel 4, George Clarke will help maverick buyers turn buildings not previously intended for domestic use into extraordinary homes.
Because of the way we now work and shop, many commercial and industrial buildings have shut down and are all too often left empty or abandoned. To breathe life back into them we need to convert them into homes for the future, and thanks to more relaxed planning regulations, it's becoming easier.
If you have bought a building that sounds right for George's new show and would like help turning it into a unique home, then please send contact details and a brief summary to or call 0207 819 0500

Are you planning to renovate a rural retreat? Are you about to transform an unloved property into a coastal bolt hole? True North Productions is looking for property renovators at all stages of the build for a brand new property series exploring the advantages of restoring once loved buildings into stunning new homes.
True North is the producer of shows including Building the Dream, Homes by the Sea, Homes by the Med, Climbing the Property Ladder and My Dream Derelict Home.
Contact Hayley on to find out more.

Plum Pictures the makers of ‘George Clarkes- Amazing Spaces’ and ‘Shed of the Year’ is looking for people for their new TV series about people who are trying to live Mortgage Free- we are now looking for people who have already achieved this and in-particular we are looking for a multi-generational household who all live in the same build or on the same site. We are also really keen to hear from people who have downsized for various reasons and are now living in an interesting building. Contact Scott at

Are you planning to transform the interior of your period home? A new Channel 4 show, George Clarke's 'Old House New Home', wants to talk to you!
Do you want to create a stunning look but don't know where to start? How do you know what features to chuck and what to cherish?
We are looking for people who own an old house or flat, to take part in the series which will follow transformations from start to finish and will celebrate the history of your home.
George is after homes of all sizes, and all architectural periods, including listed properties. Full planning permission and finance must be in place.
To apply, please contact the Old House New Home team: 0207 819 0500

True North TV are making a new C5 property documentary series. We are looking for hands on property developers who are about to get stuck in to their next project. Whether buying a property at an auction or through an estate agent we will follow both new and seasoned developers as they take on their latest project.   From planning and renovation to eventually flipping for as much profit as possible. This show is an observational documentary told by the developers themselves.
Please contact us here for more information:
Sarah –  0161 850 0107

Kat contacted me about ‘Our Dream Hotel’ - a brand new C5 series focusing on people who have decided to follow their dreams and open a new hotel or guest house. She wrote: 
Each episode we will follow one story, watching would be entrepreneurs from finding their perfect location to the make-or-break first weeks of running their own business.
We want to follow these stories and the progression of the project, getting to know the characters behind the builds and what drove them to take on this ambitious challenge.
We’d like to hear from people at any stage of this process – whether you are just starting out on the initial stages of a project, or you consider yourself to be close to opening for the first time.
Please contact us for more information: or directly on 01752 727643 or directly on 01752 727521

Sarah contacted me appealing for would-be property developers for a pilot programme series for Channel 4.They're looking for budding property developers who need some expert help. If you are about to embark on a renovation project with dreams of ditching the day job and becoming a property developer, they'd like to hear from you.(All calls will be treated in confidence).
Contact the team at  or on 0141 353 8471

Constance emailed on behalf of Channel 4 and 'George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces'. They're looking for people about to create from scratch or transform an existing space into a really interesting, innovative and unique build to feature in the next series. 
She wrote: "Are you a design enthusiast who is about to embark upon your own transformation? We're looking for people who are about to create from scratch or transform an exisring space into a really interesting and unique build. Whether it's somewhere to work, rest, or play - we want to hear from you."
Contact, or call Constance on 020 7184 6798 

Daisy is looking for potential Restoration Man projects. Here's what she wanted me to pass on: "Channel 4’s Restoration Man is looking for owners of unusual historical buildings to take part in the series, which follows restoration from start to finish and delves into the history of the building. The presenter, architect George Clarke, is keen to follow interesting restoration projects and help if he can. We are looking for a variety of buildings – follies, former public toilets, dovecotes, former military buildings, railway buildings, towers – as well as any other unusual and interesting projects. To apply or find out more, please contact the Restoration Man team on 0208 222 4434 or"

'Location, location, location' periodically sends shout-outs for property in different areas, including renovation property. Contact researchers or