Monday 2 March 2015

RAF control tower (and zombie safe house...)

I have no idea what you'd do with most of these buildings, other than it's just such an amazing and unusual property I had to feature it! 
It's a former RAF bombing range control tower and assorted outbuildings (including one housing it's own generator). Surrounded by a secure compound and with uninterrupted views for miles and miles across the flat lands of Lincolnshire.
Am I the only person here thinking Walking Dead and zombie apocalypse safe house?

It was first spotted by one of my readers but I can't for the life of me find his email now - but whoever you are, thank you!
The property is at Sea Lane, Friskney, about 11 miles from Boston, and consists of the four-storey control tower and observation platform (with flagpole..of course); the generator building; two detached buildings each with a kitchen and several rooms, and a shuttered workshop.

Access is via a private land and the views - across Friskney sands and over the wash - are stunning.
It's on the market through William H Brown with a guide price of £300k - details here and on Zoopla here.