Monday 16 March 2015

Five fabulous Italian palazzi...

It's a good job I've got you lot out there.
Because when things are completely pear-shaped back here, you keep sending me the most amazing properties to get things going again.
Like this batch of Italian beauties - sent to me by reader Robine.
Robine is a Dutch jewellery designer and she and her husband have been doing up a holiday house in Italy. She sent me a whole bunch of links to some stunning Italian "wrecks" via Immobiliare ("the Italian version of 'Zoopla'").
Everything's in Italian, and rather than me embarrass myself with guesswork and Babelfishing, I'm just going to concentrate on pics.
This palazzo in Teano, in Campania, above and below, is at the top of the price range at euro650k, but is SO Italian Job:

Private garden (with crumbling statues), terrace and around 1000sqm of space. More here.
There are no external pics of the Palazzo below, in Lendinara, Veneto, and I'm not entirely certain whether it's one building or part of bigger building.
You get 1600sqm of space across (possibly) three floors - all with the most stunning fresco walls:

The property comes with balcony, terrace and a private garden. Robine wrote:
"this is a competely amazing palazzo of old nobility. I am not sure, but it might even come with all the furniture.."
It's on the market at Euro350k and listed as "to renovate". More here.
The Moorish-style palazzo below is in Nardo, Puglia, and about 5km from the sea. There's a terrace, garden, no kitchen and (I think) three bedrooms over two floors.

Also listed as in need of renovation, it's on the market at Euro220k. More here.
Listed as in habitable condition is the palazzo, below, in Ispani, Campania.
A traditional, detached rural villa with a separate tower, it has two bathrooms, kitchen, arched loggia with stunning seaviews, and a lovely garden.

It's on the market at euro230k. More here.
Finally - and possibly my favourite, this townhouse is one of several Robine sent me (I've saved the rest for another post..).
Smaller, cheaper (euro180k) with a sweet courtyard and some gorgeous features. Just look at that ceiling and the fab tiled kitchen!

It's in the small town of Torre Santa Susanna, close to the Puglia coastline. Listed as in need of restoration. More here.
One last point from Robine:
"Any 'foreigner' (also for EU people) is obliged to pay 11% tax over the selling price of the property. The Italian government considers this as buying 'a second home' ('seconda casa'). With selling/buying property in Italy it is most common to make any offer far below asking price!"