Tuesday 10 May 2016

Three country houses, North Yorkshire

It's been a bit of gap (a two week gap; I've done worse) and by way of recompense, I'm showing you three properties today. That's sort of your weekly "wreck" doubled and upgraded.
And also because I've spent most of this morning updating my running list, (my secret list that would be..) and have now put property in groups by location, rather than by how interesting, I'm going to give you three in one area.
Look away now if North Yorkshire's not your thing.
First the house above and below, in Pilmoor, North Yorkshire. It looks ex-RAF or station-master residence to me (it's actually called Station House) and is more tired than wrecked,

There are damp issues in some rooms and I'd want that roof checking over. However, it's a big, detached three-bedroom home with good-size, bright rooms, and best of all gorgeous gardens of around a third of an acre in a woodland setting.
Plus the kitchen Aga thrown in!

On the downside the house is reached via an unadopted track and it's next to a railway line. I think it's this house here, next to the East Coast mainline, but I may be wrong:

On the market through Stephensons at £225k. Details and more inside pix here and on Vebra here.
Here's another three-bed detached. This time rather less isolated (in a quiet area of Burley-in-Wharfedale) but with a decent-size garden wrapped around it.
I couldn't work out from the agent's pictures which was the front of the house. You pick:

Inside it's stuck in the '50s, but the house itself looks sound and at least that roof looks this decade.

On the market through Dale Eddison at fifty squid under £300k. Details and more pictures here.
Finally, the farmhouse below was sent to me by reader Eleanor. Grade II-listed Bracken Ridge Old Farmhouse is just outside Lofthouse, in Nidderdale.

There are no internal pics (yah boo Dacre, Son & Hartley!) and I don't know what's going on with those two properties around it, but the detached building comes with it's own bit of land and quite stunning views.

It has planning permission to convert it into a three-bed, two-bath house, plus listed building consent, plus permission to install a "package treatment plan" (I think they mean "plant", and I think you know what they mean by "package").
On the market through Dacre, Son & Hartley at a fixed price of £150k. Details and more pictures here and on Rightmove here.