Tuesday 23 January 2018

Farmhouse, plus barns, plus land for sale

I see a lot of this researching properties for 'Wreck': time-stopped homes I call my "old lady gone" houses. Old lady if, like in this Cumbria farmhouse, there are trinkets and flowers and shadows of the woman who dressed this home.
It always makes me sad.
Especially if what I also see is a house where the owner gradually moved into the least damp room, the one they could afford to heat, waiting for family visitors or state carers that maybe never came.
And then the old lady or old gent is gone, and someone puts the house on the market for big bucks.
I've no idea whether that has happened here. But I do find this picture difficult - the mantelpiece of trinkets in a damp room of peeling wallpaper; the two fires.

Anyway, that's me and is one of the reasons I spend my free time on this blog. Because I think that old lady gone should have her home refilled with a family who'll live and laugh and love in it again.

Moss Side Farm is up for auction on March 1st.
It's a large, five bedroom farmhouse with stone barns, some attached, and 20 acres of land.

There are options to buy more land; around 35 acres across four lots. One of the lots is directly opposite the farmhouse, something to bear in mind if you're worried about that gorgeous view being built on.
The farm is about two miles from the village of  Newton Arlosh and a similar distance from Abbeytown, and close to the Solway coast and nature reserve.
The farmhouse has three reception rooms, kitchen, pantry and utility downstairs, and five bedrooms plus bathroom upstairs - lots of scope for remodelling into some larger rooms.

The damp and that exposed ceiling are a concern, as are some of those barn roofs.

However, the barns have business or holiday let potential and those 20 acres make this an attractive property. Assuming it stays somewhere close to the guide price of £345k at auction.
The Streetview shows good access for machinery and trucks, and the whole area looks pretty quiet and underdeveloped. For a live/work/smallholding site, there's a lot of potential here.

On the market through H&H Land and Property, details here and here.