Tuesday 13 February 2018

Handsome Listed terrace with river views

It's the location that lifted this terraced property onto my "pick" list. 
Sitting on Berwick-Upon-Tweed's historic Quay Walls, the four-bedroom house faces onto the River Tweed estuary.
It's a handsome, Grade II Listed building, with lovely light rooms and, if you only looked at those internal views you'd see faded glory, possible damp, and a do-up job.

But the outside shows that rather more substantial work is needed.

Which accounts for the very low price. On the market at offers over £75k, it's neighbour, Custom House, sold for £250k two years ago (albeit a larger and much grander building) and other proprieties have been split and sold as flats. Hopefully, that won't be the future for Sailmaker's House.

Repair and refurbishment aside, the property itself doesn't appear to have any outside space. And, while it has those gorgeous estuary views, it is also awkward to get at. An issue if you need to get vans and building materials to the house.

On the market through Rettie at offers over £75k, more here and PDF here.