Tuesday 9 March 2021

Thank you - and I'm back (mostly)

Caroline H, Caroline J, Louise, Emily, Julietta, Mark, Tim, Rupert, Jason, Sara, Thomas, Patrick, Jon, Catherine, Mike, Nyamoi, Ali, Anne, Tony, Sally, Geraldine, Josh, Nicole, Matthew, Steve, Hazel, Ben, Tamlyn, Anita, Heather, Dorothy, Jacqui, Anna, Rebecca, Ronny,  Kit and Jasper, Fluffy and Princess and Panda and Bear and Doc (!) - thank you. A gadzillion times; thank you.

I've had such lovely emails from you all - prompting tears and smiles in equal measure. I've appreciated every hand you've held out and been grateful for every well-wish. It's been a damned awful year for so many of us but, as one wonderful gent reminded us before he left: "Tomorrow's another day".

I'm still not certain I'll be able to get back into running 'Wreck' as before* but in the meantime, let's get back to property dreaming. 

Starting with this canal-side former Toll House (above and below), plus stables, outbuildings and around three acres of land in West Yorkshire. Yum.

It's a bit of an odd-bod this one because it's on the market direct through the local authority and without a guide price. However, what that does mean is you get a clean, no-flannel description of Field House Farm with lots of planning links.

The location, in the village of Apperley Bridge, is pretty stunning. And while the house itself isn't large (two bedrooms), there's plenty of potential with a big cellar, attached store and those outbuildings. More details here. Viewings are by appointment up until March 26th.

You'll remember that I'm not a fan of showing you houses that only have outside pix - you need to get some idea of the interiors challenge. Sorry, but I'm about to break my own rule for a second time in this post for this rather gorgeous Georgian mansion with three attached cottages just outside the pretty West Yorkshire village of Greetland.

It's an interesting challenge, particularly for anyone thinking that, after our year of separation, extended family living (and renovation) is the thing. Offers over £500k feels on the steep side, given the work needed and that the parcel of properties has found itself too close to an industrial estate, but well worth day-dreaming over the 23-rooms plan. On the market through Simon Blyth, details here.

By the way, did y'all follow my instruction in the previous post to keep an eye on the Scottish Churches website? Because, if you had, you'll have spotted this perfectly fabulous church, sitting on a third of an acre in Ardnamurchan, looking for offers over £100k by March 24th. Details here and pdf here. Be quick now...

* Next week we complete on our newest home - by the river Foss, on a flood plain, with asbestos ceilings (rolls eyes...). I'll be getting in touch with those of you who said you'd be interested in writing for 'Wreck' - it's time to both spread the load and the voices : )