Tuesday 6 March 2012

Desperately seeking Cornwall

So what is it about Cornwall? Something going on down there that I don't know about?
I've had two WOW fans email me, both looking for a Cornish 'wreck' to stamp their mark on.
Glen, a carpenter builder, and his family are desperate to leave their east London home and move to Cornwall (or Devon) where they dream of renovating a house and starting a business.
He told me he'd looked at over 30 properties: "My mum and dad's dream is to have a small campsite somewhere rural which needs work. But they are becoming very depressed as we have been looking for over a year now with two houses falling through last minute."
Sonet emailed me from South Africa. She and her husband are reluctantly selling up and leaving the beautiful house they renovated in SA (pictured above) to move in with relatives in Cornwall while they look for their own Cornish 'wreck'.
They have very little money but they've already renovated one 'wreck' themselves and, as Sonet said: "We just love creating something out of nothing."
So - anyone out there selling a 'wreck' in or close to Cornwall? Drop me an email and I'll pass it on.