Thursday 2 January 2014

Churchy buildings - East Sussex and Lincolnshire

Well, thank frack 2013's over! Regular readers will know it wasn't great for me* but a lot of people have had a lot worse. Anyway, it's done and a Happy New Year of house hunting/dreaming to all of us!
To kick the year off sharpish, I've got two church-ish properties with buying deadlines.
First up, the beautiful building above and below, at Forest Row, in East Sussex.

It isn't listed, it isn't on consecrated ground, and it doesn't have pre-existing planning approval - two of which would have have pushed up the guide price and any of the three which would have limited what you could do.
The downside, which you'll have noticed if you looked just below that fabulous red-leaved tree, is that it backs onto a cemetery - those wooden gates are its entrance.
The building is in the East Sussex village of Forest Row, around three miles from East Grinstead and about 12 from Tonbridge Wells.
It's a lovely shape and there are some gorgeous original features.

Cemetery building is up for sale by informal tender at offers around £100k through Howard Cundy, with a deadline of Valentine's Day. Details here.
Next is the former chapel, below, sent to me by Wreck reader Sean. Not quite as pretty, and mostly stripped of its original features, but a handsome building.

It's at Sibsey Northlands, around a mile from the Lincolnshire village of Sibsey, and around five from Boston.
There are no internal pix for me to show you (annoying I know), but it stands on a small plot of land and comes with planning permission to turn it into a two/three bed home.
The chapel is up for auction on January 30th, through Bruce Mather. Details here.

* I lost my father, both our greyhounds, and almost my husband. Thank you again to everyone who sent me emails afterwards.