Friday, 29 July 2016

Three Dales/Lakes cottages with views

I was just thinking how rubbish I am at geography. Take these three country cottages. They were all in my "Cumbria" to-do folder, but actually two are more Yorkshire than Lanchashire and, thinking about it, I actually don't know which bits of the UK constitute Cumbria? 
See? Rubbish at geography!
Anyway, let's get on with showing you three houses that share a not-in-the-South geographical link and are all rather lovely rural homes.
Lower Stockbridge house, above and below, is at Tatham Fells, abut 10 miles from Kirby Lonsdale in the Lakes.  A large, 17th century, unlisted, detached farmhouse.

It's an odd layout - it currently has two kitchens downstairs and no bathrooms, plus a bit of higgledy-piggedly grouping of bedrooms, suggesting the house had previously been shared (it's been in the same family since the '40s). There are plans in place to tidy the layout and extend the property.

There's also a public footpath running across the land and rights of access to be negotiated with the seller, who owns the neighbouring property.
There's a decent chunk of land attached and the views are quite stunning.
On the market through Davis Bowring at offers around £235k. Details here and here.
(Also, have a look at Fleet House, in Tatham, I have a feeling it may be linked - possibly even the same owners selling both? If so, you'll definitely want to get those access issues sorted quickly).
The next house is in the little Cumbrian village of Crosby Garrett, about 12 miles from Penrith. (I like to think Crosby Garrett may have been the spark that lit BBC's fabulous Detectorists series.)

The pretty, three-bed detached house comes with an attached double storey barn and gardens.
It has a hall, two reception rooms, kitchen, pantry and loo downstairs; three bedrooms and bathroom upstairs.

Hill Top Cottage is, as the name suggests, on a hill overlooking the village, with lovely views.

On the market through Cumbrian Properties at £175k. Details and more pix here and here.
Finally, Rose Cottage in Garsdale. Cute (well I think so...), detached Dales cottage with a separate, two-storey stone barn.

Agents details (though not the pictures) say there are open views from the back garden, although the front leads straight onto the A684.
Inside, there are two main rooms, kitchen and pantry downstairs; three bedrooms and bathroom upstairs. Looks like there may have been some damp issues (although uncovering those ceilings will help) and it's not clear how safe that barn is (interestingly, no inside photos).

However, a lot of potential to renovate possibly two properties in a good location.
On the market through Cobble Country with a guide price of £150k. Details and more pix here and here.
Incidentally, Rose Cottage does have a rose, here it is:

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Two (mostly) sweet thatched Suffolk cottages

I do like a bit of thatch. Not as much as I like water but yes thatch, despite it's willingness to home refugee spiders and nibbling creatures, does appeal to me.
The thatch on this Suffolk cottage is a bit past its best (but then so is the rest of the house, which is why it's on this site, with you looking at it and thinking about spiders.)
Grade II-listed Saddlers Cottage is in the lovely village of Grundisburgh, about three miles from Woodridge and six from Ipswich.
Downstairs is a hall, two reception, kitchen and bathroom; upstairs are three bedrooms. There's also an attached former scullery, with its own entrance, still housing the old range and copper.

Large gardens (just under half an acre) wrap around the cottage.

The house has been let for most of the last 40 years (clearly to tenants who didn't expect their landlord to invest in updating their home) and is now on the market with a guide price of £350k, via Clarke & Simpson. Details and more pix here and here.
Also on the market with a £350k guide price is the four bedroom cottage below, in Ashley, around four miles from Newmarket.

Similar size gardens to Saddlers cottage (if rather less tidy) and, while it doesn't have a bathroom, it does have an upstairs shower room.
Downstairs is a large living room, plus kitchen, dining room and downstairs loo. Lots of original features and exposed beams upstairs and downstairs.

Grade II-listed Moon Acre (seriously?!) also comes with this sweet detached and thatched garage.

On the market through David Burr. Details and more pix here and here.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Two (or three) Yorkshire do-ups

Having just got back from babysitting duties in my home city*, I thought I show you a couple of Yorkshire do-ups (and one that may be past it).
This down-at-heel cottage in the village of Weaverthrorpe, in Ryedale, is currently under offer, so probably a bit naughty of me to show it to you. But, it's a cash-only sale so my guess is there'll be a bit of argy-bargying going on over the price.
And I like the name - Woodbine Cottage - all flat caps, whippets and gaspers.
Downstairs are three reception rooms, kitchen and pantry. Upstairs four bedrooms, bathroom and loo.

There are some nice features and some fairly bizarre decor (flower photos and trash wood panels, anyone?) and a lot of rooms look damp - although the ceiling tiles don't help. But it's a good size property in a lovely location with a big garden.

On the market through Cundalls, at offers around £150k. Details and more pix here and here.
The terraced cottage, below, isn't my usual sort of pick but I loved the space and possibilities of the attached warehouse.

It's in the centre of the market town of Kirbymoorside, on the edge of the North York Moors.
There's a kitchen, sitting room, loo and cellar downstairs, and three bedrooms and bathroom upstairs.

The two-storey warehouse adds around 75 sq.m to the space, and there's a nice big garden out back.

It's on the market through Rounthwaite & Woodhead at £150k. Details and more pix here and here.
Finally, the Old Pavilion, below, in Scarborough, was sent to me by reader Emily. She writes:
Been driving past this building my whole life and I love. If I had the money I’d have already brought it. I’ll be very sad to see it torn down but it may be beyond saving. 

Not great pic, but the Pavilion is centre right, fronting the playing field
Unfortunately, it's on the market as land with planning consent to demolish it and build a pair of semis in its place. That may or may not be because of the state of the building, the agent's details don't say much, but it's been on the market since last year.
It had been part of the sale of Bramcote School - all the other elements have already sold.

The school is edged in red at the front, the Old Pavilion at the back
On the market through Fordy Marshall with guide price of £200k. Details here and more pix here.

* My home city? A team in the Premier League, two in the Super League, and next year's City of Culture. ; )