Friday 5 May 2017

The 'Big House' renovation find in Ireland

Last week, I took you to Ireland. We're going back there this week because this property is stunning. I am utterly in love with 'The Big House'.
Drumdaff House is around 10km from Roscommon Town, the county town of Roscommon in the sort-of middle of Ireland:

The property dates back to 1749 and was known as 'The Big House' locally, lived in by the Digby family for generations until around 1910, before being sold off in parcels. The last owners of Drumdaff appear to have been former tenants of the Digbys - the Gilloolys.
It looks to have been empty for some time and the last occupant probably lived downstairs - the fourth bedroom is on the ground floor, with an en-suite bathroom, and that "kitchen" is the only room that been used recently.

Downstairs there's also a scullery, parlour and hall - all big rooms, and three bedrooms upstairs.
I'm not sure whether the scullery is the attached building, below, or whether this is an extra bit, but you'll notice the original features - flagstones, fires, beams etc. throughout - and the renovation work that needs doing.

Windows at the front have been replaced with double-glazed units and the house has water, electricity, and a septic tank.

Outside is a handsome sweep of gardens, drive and lawns - the house comes with around 1.7acres.

Now guess the price?
If you read last week's post, you'll know I'm suggesting that Ireland is the place to buy big empty properties right now (assuming you can find something not ugly new-build) - low prices, lots of space, and as easy to get to as France.
Drumdaff House is on the market at 129,900 euros - that's around £110k (even with our falling pound...). Crazy!
On the market through REA Brady. Details and more pictures here and here.