Friday 19 October 2018

Creepy/not creepy country house in a wood

Oh crikey! I'm don't know whether I adore this house or am terrified by it!
It has definite country manse potential - and definite horror film potential.
The Woodlands is at Luddendenfoot, a few miles from Halifax., and it's up for auction in November.
It has five bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs; hall, two reception rooms and a big dining kitchen downstairs. Plus 1.5 acres of proper woodland and garden.

So far so good.
The hall is impressive. Lovely panelling and sets the country house tone.

But it doesn't matter how many lamps they switch on, I'm not walking through this doorway...

Sitting room too is, yes, ok. Windows are lovely (nice stained glass). Needs work, obvs, but definite potential for cosiness.

But then there's the room of abandoned furniture.

Anyway else seeing poltergeist-powered chairs?
This bedroom is lovely. Clearly the matriarch picked the best for herself.

But which poor soul got to sleep here?

There's a bolt on that adjoining door by the way. And that wardrobe is big enough to hold something rather larger than winter coats.

And what's going on with the walls in this kitchen? And please don't open that cellar door...

.... or that very large stove. And what lies beneath those carpet tiles...?

Outside, the house is a nice shape. Loving those tall windows, and the privacy definitely appeals.

Let's talk location.
The Woodlands is secluded, but not entirely so. You do have neighbours and Luddendenfoot itself is a pretty village in a pretty area of West Yorkshire.
I'm a big fan of the area and I love Halifax myself, having lived in both Saltaire and Queensbury for many years - we spent a lot of family Saturdays at Eureka and the stunning Piece Hall.
But back to the house.

I mentioned the trees. There are lots of them. And the house is down its own private drive off Ripley terrace.
Just saying, noise - party or otherwise - ain't gonna carry far...
Can I mention escape routes at this point?
There's that terrace. But then there's this iron shed to pass first.

There's this path through the trees. But then there's that creepy wooden shed.

And this route up and out to freedom. Probably...

Seriously, Woodlands is a lovely house in a great location, with lots of do-up potential.
And only a little bit scary... 😉
Up for auction through Charnock Bates on November 20th, with a  guide price of £375K- £400K. Details and more pictures here and here.