Monday 20 January 2020

Three big country houses with second buildings

Apologies, a bit of a gap again from me but I thought I'd make up for it by showing a bunch of increasingly large country houses - all with impressive "extra" buildings.
This North Yorkshire farmhouse first. Which has possibly some of the dullest photography I've seen but is handsome regardless.
Hollins Grove Farm house is Grade II listed, has four bedrooms, comes with masses of period details, outbuildings, pretty views and threequarters of an acre of garden land. Here's that rather useful-looking outbuilding/holiday let...

It's in the North Yorkshire village-cum-town of Easingwold, about 13 miles from York and close to the A19.
That location means we're looking at a rather hefty mark-up compared to similar properties in  Ireland, at offers over £495k.
Realistically, that plus the cost of renovations, means you're going to need around £threequarters-of-a-million stashed under the mattress to do Hollins Grove justice. But, as Gabrielle would say...

On the market through Williamsons. Details and more pictures here and on Zoopla here.
Also Grade II listed and also in North Yorkshire is Castle Hill farmhouse. Castle Hill, in Burton in Lonsdale, is also half the price at £250k and has double the bedrooms (eight, more-or-less).

Gorgeous period details. Oh my - those windows...

And sticking with the outbuildings theme, this has to be the most gorgeous one ever.
Now THAT is a wo/man shed!

The views down Burton in Lonsdale High Street are pretty cool too.

On the downside, Castle Hill is a semi, not detached, and access for vehicles is down a shared drive and over your neighbour's land.
The 0.2 acres-ish of garden land you get comes with a proviso that you put up and maintain a stock-proof fence - but then this isn't the sort of house you take on if you don't know your Phillips from your flat-head.
Castle Hill was sent to me by reader Dawn, who has already bought her wreck but "can't help looking", and is on the market through WBW Surveyors. Details (lots more) here And finally, and should you still be thinking about splashing £450k on a country manor, try splashing your cash on a mansion in Wales.

Plas Geler is in the village of Pentrecwrt, Carmarthenshire and overlooks the Teify Valley. Its outbuildings are actually wrecks but Plas Geler's add-on building is a gorgeous three-bedroom coach house.

The main house has six bedrooms and a bunch of other rooms (have I mentioned the wine cellar yet?) The whole lot is surrounded by three acres of (overgrown) land, with a gated private drive, woodland, and a "small cave".

Basically, it's gorgeous. And there's a lot of it. But if I did happen to have that £three-quarters-of-a-million stuffed under my mattress, I know which house I'd buy... Plas Geler is on the market through Dai Lewis. Details, more pictures and plans here.
And.... while we're in the area of Llandysul, reader Angus emailed to let me know that the Llandysul wreck I featured last year, here, is back/still on the market.
All that appears to have happened to the Henllan house, wrote Angus, "is that it's been attacked." : (
It's on the market with Dai Lewis at offers around £135k. Details here.