Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Suffolk and Norfolk cottages up for auction

Poor little Tinkers House. Abandoned, fire-damaged, derelict and tumbling.
Also, fabulous Tinkers House in a stunning location in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, with views across Southwold, the Blyth Estuary, and the Suffolk Coast National Nature Reserve.
That location gives this derelict property a hefty guide price of £250k-£300k at auction. Tinkers House is up for auction later this week (December 7th).

The detached property was sent to me by regular reader Sarah, who wrote:
Ignoring the flooding issue, and the state of the disrepair, and the potential planning issues, this is a delight! And comes with the added bonus of rusty tins of food (according to older reports).
And I would have shown you the property rather sooner (certainly earlier than the week it goes under the hammer) but it kept on disappearing from the interweb! And then there was the work of tracking down exactly which corner of William H Brown's megalopolis was selling Tinkers House. Anyway, here it is.
The 18th/19th century Tinkers House was badly fire -damaged (the agent thinks around 1999) and nothing appears to have been to it since then. Consequently it's a in  right mess (as we say in Hull) which some falling down walls and its own internal nature reserve.

Despite the agent enthusing about its "Grand Designs" potential, we may be looking at knocking down, or mostly knocking down, and rebuilding. However, the local planning officer warns that any new building "would be resisted unless... on a one-to-one basis where they are no more visually intrusive in the countryside than the building to be replaced".

Unsurprisingly, there's no information on number and sizes of rooms, the internal structure being on the hard hats and watch how you go side, but the house sits on a plot of around 0.42 acre and the pictures show a decent-sized building footprint. Something to bear in mind given that DM3 planning restriction.
Up for auction through William H Brown Norwich Auctions, more here and on Rightmove here.
Incidentally, if Tinkers is too much of a challenge, the agent also has this rather pretty semi (below) up for auction on the 7th.

One of Marestail Cottages in the conservation village of Brinston, Norfolk, there's a kitchen (with Aga) and living room downstairs, three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. Best of all it comes with lovely 3/4 acre of garden, including orchard area.

Guide price of £230k-£250K, more here.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Gorgeous (and confusing) bundles of Scottish houses

Two for me and three for you: five wee cottages all in a row. Probably.
Sunlawshill Cottages are in the middle of fields and farmland a few miles from pretty Kelso, in the Scottish Borders.
First time on the market, presumably because they used to belong to neighbouring Sunlawshill Farm (you'll want to check what else is up for sale or in the planning pipeline...), they're up for sale as two lots - numbers 3-5 Sunlawshill cottages, and numbers 1-2 have been remodelled as four-bedroom Smiddybank Cottage.

The Sunlawshill cottages have one, two or three bedrooms, and each has a living room, bath room and kitchen in various groupings.
Here's the plan for Lot 1:

Keep them separate (I'm thinking holiday cottages for a family collective), or knock them into one (or two) houses, but please don't knock them down and start over with something glass-faced and modern. These are way too sweet not to be renovated and lived in!

Lot 1 (cottages 3-5) is on the market at offers over £195k. More here.
However, it then gets a bit complicated.
According to the brochure, the properties are on the market in two lots, but I couldn't find anything online about Lot 2, other than that it sold two years ago.

Whatever. The estate agent is Rettie; you'll want to call them.
Incidentally, Rettie do seem to have form on the confusing two-part sale thing. The school and master's house below was sent to me by reader Katie. And, again, they seem to be to be offering it for sale as one big property, or selling the school on it's own for £195k. Doesn't make sense, particularly when there are no separate sale details on the master's house.

So, there may or may not be this gorgeous, part-renovated four bedroom schoolmaster's house, with attached unrenovated school, in lovely coastal Burnmouth, for sale at offers over £255k. (Some) more here.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Georgian house to do up, Cumbria

I once lived in a house not dissimilar to this. I'd split with my then husband and, in the post-break moving out panic, ended up renting a five-bedroom Georgian house in Cottingham, just outside Hull. 
I couldn't really afford it, and the only furniture I had when me and my son moved in was a bed, a trampoline and two deckchairs.
But damn, we loved that house.
So, despite the not-great photography, I was drawn to this detached five-bed on the edge of Egremont, in Cumbria. Same child's drawing, black-and-white frontage, same double gardens.
However, this Georgian beauty is in a prettier location - fronting onto the River Ehen, overlooked by Egremont Castle, and around five miles from St Bees and the Cumbrian coast.

Plus, rather than one property, you get two - with an adjoining two-bedroom annex which could stay separate or be incorporated into the main house.
That main house has two reception rooms and kitchen downstairs (and a shower room under the stairs...); three bedrooms and bathroom upstairs. Plus lots of original features, and some less-than original ones...

There's a large basement with several rooms and external access into garden one (with parking). Garden two is walled, with established fruit trees and planting and a large garden/workshop.
The two-bedroom annex has its own access to the garden.

On the market through Grisdales at £220k. Details and more pictures here and here.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Cornish seaside semi to renovate

Time for some Cornish sea air.
The semi above and below is in the pretty seaside village of Porthleven. Sent to me by regular reader Angus, 2 Cliff Road has four reception rooms and a kitchen downstairs, plus bathroom (hurrah!) and three bedrooms upstairs. The agents details describe it as four bedrooms but goodness knows where they think the fourth would be.
There's a bit of a yard area at the back, and the property faces directly onto the street.
It needs a lot of work, obviously, which might make the £275k guide price feel a bit steep. Until you see the location.

Close enough to smell the sea but not have it burst in through your front door.
What throws me is the contrast between the neatly-painted outside of the house, and the state of the inside. Although that may have something to do with its position in Porthleven's conservation area.
Lots of original features, and I love these left behind links to the people who once loved this house:

The house is a bit of a mish-mash of rooms. I get the feeling it was once a shop plus a house. You'll want to knock through some walls, as we say in renovation-land.

Having said that, I'm a bit worried abut what this pole at the end of the banister is holding up. 

And then there's the kitchen...

So, bit of work. Fabulous location. Price probably negotiable. What's not to like about it?
On the market through Christophers, at £275k. More here and here.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Large village cottage with benefits

Just so we're clear here, yes, it was the climbing wall in the bedroom that swung it for me.
Because obviously this isn't the prettiest cottage I've shown you (although I would argue that depends on your perspective, personally, I think this has cuteness in bundles).
And clearly it needs work. A lot of work (hey, wreck of the week here!).
But this wall.

Ok. Back to the property itself.
Lee House is a detached (just about) cottage in the south Cumbrian village of Burton in Kendal.
An open living/dining space downstairs, plus a part-renovated kitchen. Upstairs are three bedrooms and a bathroom (yay!).

Rooms are decent sizes and plenty of nice features. Plus opening up that downstairs space was a good move (assuming it's been done correctly...).
Outside is a large garden, mostly walled, with potential rear access.

Some work has been done on the property but there's a lot more to be done. The property isn't listed and has permitted development rights, which means you can go ahead with some development (e.g an extension) within needing to apply for planning permission. You'll need to talk to South Lakeland District Council planning office to check what rights have been assigned to the property, but PDR is a helpful shove up the renovation ladder.
Lee House is on the market through Hackney and Leigh at £175k. Details here and here.

PS: The house next door is also up for sale. A semi, no garden (though courtyard is lovely) but a fabulous job done on the renovation. On the market through Milne Moser at offers around £300k, so worth a look to get an idea of the potential in Lee House. Pictures and info. here.