Monday 4 January 2016

Former chapel, Powys, Wales

Happy New Year! And here's a fabulous Welsh chapel to kick off 2016's cornucopia of "wrecks".
Grade II listed Sardis Chapel, in Ystradgynlais, in Powys, was built in 1860. It's basically just one big room with banks of pews, gallery, an entrance lobby and a bit of land at the side:

But what I loved about it is that the sale includes all fixtures fittings - pulpit, pews, even the organ!


The property has mains electricity but there's no mention of other services (and given the lack of a loo or kitchen, I'd guess no water...). No planning permission to convert, and no mention of who is selling it or whether there are covenants or restrictions on future use. You'll want to make a few phonecalls.
However, it's a gorgeous space in a decent location and, at a Bullseye under £50k, it's worth looking at.
On the market through Clee, details and more pictures here.