Monday 11 January 2016

Former pub/farmhouse, Cornwall

Up until 1911, this gorgeous building was a pub - the Plume of Feathers. Since when it's been a farmhouse and a much-neglected home. 
On the downside that neglect means this is pretty substantial renovation project. On the upside it means you get a property which has barely changed since the 19th century.
Inglenook fireplaces, original window seats, windows, cooking range, wood panelling, granite newel staircase to the cellar (or you could just drop, Batman-like, through the floor-less 'Reception 2' into the cellar below...I did say it needed work). If proper period renovation is your thing, this is a dream challenge.

The Grade II Listed house is in the Cornish hamlet of St Euny Churchtown, on the edge of Redruth.
Downstairs are hallway, three reception rooms, former diary room, and beamed kitchen/dining room with this exposed range:

Upstairs are five bedrooms, including this room, which served as the Church Court room for the village in the 18th century:

The building is oozing with history (it's not even clear how old it is).
Outside is small front garden and a long, enclosed rear courtyard, plus the former wash house and cow house:

It's on the market through Philip Martin at £285k. Details and more pictures here, brochure here.