Tuesday 7 February 2017

Homes with live/work business appeal

A couple of live/work properties for you today (and an apology for the long gap - life got a bit crazy for a while).
I can't quite make my mind up about this first one. A former restaurant, bar, shop* in the Welsh village of Rosebush (what a name!) in Pembrokeshire, on the edge of the national park.
There's a four-bed house and a nice parcel of land with a large workshop. (Is it just me who would be nervous of opening the workshop doors...?)

It's Grade II-listed and needs a fair bit of work, but there's a massive amount of space here for the money and great potential for building a home with attached business. Tho' my guess is that you might want to rethink the restaurant idea out of season.

On the market through John Francis at offers around £180k. Details and more pictures here
John Francis also has the interesting (and cheap!) pair of properties, below.

Carmel Chapel is being sold with its pews and pulpit, along with the less-pretty but good-sized three bedroom house.

The properties are on the outskirts of Clarbeston village, in Pembrokeshire and, with planing permission, that chapel would make a lovely holiday cottage or rural business.
The house needs a fair bit of work but does include a kitchen and a bathroom.

There's no garden as such, just a parking area and yard, adjacent to the chapel graveyard (but at least the graveyard isn't on your land).
On the market with a guide price of £60k for the lot. Up for auction on March 9th, unless sold. Pictures and more details here.

*Owner Ruth has been in touch since I posted about the Rosebush property to say she's happy to answer questions about it via the Old Post Office Bistro and Bar's Facebook page.