Tuesday 13 March 2018

New uses for old buildings: a chapel and a "barn"

Couple of properties for you today that need "repurposing".
The first one is a former Methodist chapel, something I see on a fairly regular basis here on Wreck, but it's the location and the original features that makes this one attractive.
Gatehead Chapel is in the tiny North Pennines village of Garrigill, around six  miles from Alston. Once a bustling rural location, even the local pub has now closed down, although the area still attracts committed walkers and summer visitors.

Rear of property and, below, views

The Chapel has had planning permission in place since 2010 to convert it into a home, and works have already begun. There's no information on why the property is back on the market - and it looks like there was a previous attempt to sell it in 2013 (at £165k).
It's basically one big main hall and a two-floor extension. The chapel is gorgeous. Particularly the ceiling.

There's designated parking to the front and no garden but scope to demolish an outbuilding to create a courtyard.
Works done so far concentrate on the extension, adding new windows and first fix electrics.

On the market through Red Hot Property at £150k. Details here.
My next pick was sent to me by regular reader Tony. It's not for the faint-hearted and, where it not for the location, it wouldn't have made the cut.
This picture sums it up:

Yes, it's that building with the big red arrow. Nothing else.
Rightmove optimistically describes at it as a "barn for sale". The agent describes it as "A store with fishing rights". 
Let's be clear here, it's a former toilet block.

That anyone could ever have had the nerve to use these particular loos, perched as they are on the edge of Yorkshire's Aysgarth Falls and accessed by steps without a safety barrier, completely floors me. Unless it was a particularly devious bit of local authority tourism planning....
Anyway. Fishing rights and a shelter is what you're paying for. But I loved the creative thought that went into the agent's blurb:
It may perhaps be of interest to an artist or photographer in view of its strategic position in front of the Falls or indeed a small studio for musicians who may be inspired by this unique riverside location.
Up for auction through Robin Jessop on April 10th, at offers over £8k. Details here and here.