Friday 6 July 2018

Big and little renovation projects in Bristol area

This pricey but impressive Bristol-ish semi is up for auction next week.
Sent to me by reader Sophie, the five bedroom home clearly needs a lot of work but has lots of space to play with.
Parts of it are in a dangerous state - you'll need to sign a waiver before stepping over the threshold to view it, and viewings are limited to just three fixed days.

Despite all of that, 'Roxana' is likely to attract a lot of interest - grand Victorian homes in Clifton's affluent and buzzing Cotham don't come on the market very often, and this one comes with planning permission to remodel and extend.
The property has a bunch of period details, including Bath stone frontage and butler's pantries, and lovely big rooms. Although the agent's blurb is light on details in terms of layout and rooms (the link goes to the plans for the extended house). So I'm not even sure whether there are, currently, five bedrooms.

And the view from the garden isn't exactly enchanting.

Up for auction on July 18th (Lot 31), via Hollis Morgan, with a guide price of £450k. More here and here.
If that's all a bit too much work (and cash) for you, the two-bedroom cottage below, in the village of East Harptree, about 15 miles from Bristol, is also up for auction this week.

Sumac Cottage (isn't that a posh spice?), on Middle Street, has had a fair bit of work done already (you'll want to know why it was stopped).
Lovely, airy rooms layout with scope perhaps to open up the downstairs area even more.

The end terrace cottage has a pretty front garden, no back garden, and parking to the side.

Up for auction (Lot 14) on July 26th, via Maggs and Allen, with a guide price of £200k. Details here and here.