Thursday 12 July 2018

Three big homes to renovate on Anglesey

A colleague of mine has just come back from a family holiday on Anglesey. She raved about the beaches and the small-child-friendly attractions. It's another bit of the UK I've yet to visit. 
In partial recompense, I'm featuring this gorgeous - if rather on the derelict side of do-up-able - country mansion on Anglesey.
Eight-ish bedrooms, and an unknown number of other rooms. Basically, parts are a shell and how you break that up will be down to you, your architect and your amenable builder.

According to the agent, it "was for many years a comfortable family home". Clearly many years ago.
It comes with handsome brick outbuildings, large gardens and around four acres of land.

Massive potential but also a massive job. The lack of windows makes for some lovely light and airy rooms ; ) And then there are those floor issues. Probably ceiling issues too.
None-the-less, it's a gorgeous big building in a pretty location, just outside the village of Carmel. Incidentally, thank you to reader Lisa for the tip-off.
On the market through Williams & Goodwin at £250k. More here and here.
Williams & Goodwin also have a couple of five-bed farmhouses on Anglesey that may be more achievable renovation projects, if rather less grand.
This one, at Llangaffo, has gorgeous views, four acres of land, and a floorplan!

On the market at £350k. Details and lots more pictures here.
And this - in the Llanrhyddlad area, also has five bedrooms, plus large gardens and outbuildings. In a quiet, rural location about five miles from gorgeous Cemaes Bay.

On the market at just under £250k. Details and more pictures here.