Tuesday 12 March 2019

Grand Victorian townhouses to renovate

This week, I've moved away from my usual middle-of-nowhere rural wrecks and picked two large and lovely townhouses.
Starting with this gorgeous Scottish villa. The detached, traditional sandstone house is in the coastal town of Prestwick, about 30 miles from Glasgow. 'Midland' is positively dripping with period details - but clearly also needs masses of work.
I love the colourful approach to decor...

There are half-a-dozen bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, kitchen, four reception rooms, and a bunch of workshops and stores downstairs.

Outside are good-size gardens front and back, and the property sits on handsome-looking avenue.

The house in on the market through Black Hay, offers over £250k. However, there's a deadline looming - offers by the end of this week (Friday, March 15th).Details and lots more pictures here and here.
My second pick is also in Scotland. This time a grand (if junk-filled) semi in the Crown area of Inverness.

It's bigger than your average semi - five bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, three reception rooms, kitchen and stores downstairs, and good-size "garden".

There's a similarly ambitious approach to decor (is it a Scottish thing; bright colours and jazzy prints?), and a similarly challenging project. The kitchen is it's own special challenge...

Personally, I'd take it all on just to own those spun-sugar lovely bedroom windows.

On the market through Tailor Made Moves at offers over £175k. Details and more pictures here and here.