Tuesday 12 November 2019

Two big but neglected Yorkshire village homes

I was sorry to see this particular wreck arrive onto the market because it's a house I once lived in. And loved living in.
The house is in Cottingham, a large village/small town just outside Hull. It's five bedrooms (albeit one was only big enough to hold my drum kit, as I remember), upstairs bathroom, two good-size reception rooms and kitchen, and an impressive hall and staircase.

Outside are two gardens and there is (or was) parking behind the house, plus a garage. And it's in a nice position; a short walk from the lively village centre.

So far so good.
But the house is on the market via online auction, and auctions mean risk. The timer system on bids means you may not get chance to have a survey done and you need to be sure you have the cash in place to complete the sale within a month. Plus, if you do pull out, you'll lose around £6k or £7k in deposit and fees.
It's pretty clear 16 Beck Bank needs a full refurb job and that there have been issues with leaks, but it's also clear to me that little if anything has been done to the house in the 13 or so years since I lived there. The same curtains, the same carpets, the same kitchen.

Which is a shame because this is actually a really lovely house. Gorgeous big rooms (I had a couple of fabulous parties there...) and the walled side garden was really sweet.
It's not the most secluded of homes - I remember the position, sitting right on the street, could be annoying - but for a serial doer-upper, there's a lot of potential.
On the market through Pattinson with a bidding reserve of £160k. Details here and on Zoopla here.
Also looking rather sorry for itself is this big detached property in another east Yorkshire village.

The four bedroom home comes with a decent parcel of land and outbuildings (some include asbestos).
It's in the coastal village of Bempton - it of the cliffs and birds - around three miles from Bridlington.
The house is massive, and unusual. Packed with original features (a plaque suggests it dates from 1789) and a crazy mix of furniture and furnishings.

There are big fireplaces and chunky windows, but also weird rooms with random staircases (in a bathroom) and what looks like the original well in the garden.
Outside the outbuildings are packed with auction finds and scrap - clearly a former business and the reason there is just so much stuff everywhere. Would love to know more about the owner.

As with Beck Bank, this house on Bempton's High Street has plenty of potential once everything is cleared away. A decent location and, particularly if you demolish some of those outbuildings, plenty of land to work with.
On the market through Nicholas Belt with a  guide price of £289k. Details and more pictures here and here.