Wednesday 3 June 2020

Two Lincolnshire country homes to renovate

Hello! How are we all doing? Good? Good enough? 
Apparently we're all now looking to move to the country... Me, I 'd just like to see a little more of that country land bank being built on with more affordable homes, so my children get a fighting a chance at owning their own home.
Let's kick off our wreck imaginings with this rather grand and lovely country manor sent to me by a longtime Wreck reader.

The property is a mile or so outside the Lincolnshire village of Gedney Drove End, and a couple of miles from the spectacular Wash and nature reserve.

Four bedrooms, no bathroom or kitchen (at least not one with anything connected or working), very overgrown gardens and a whole heap of renovation to do.
Lots of work but lots of potential.
There's also a large, separate coach house/barn (with a currently inaccessible first floor) all in the middle of rural Lincolnshire, with its acres of open, flat fields.

It's on the market through William H Brown at £295k, Details and more pictures here and here.

In a similar surrounded-by-flat-fields vein, this listed thatched cottage may be rather less of a renovation challenge.

The two-bedroom house is in the Wolds village of Mareham on the Hill and comes with a decent-sized garden plot and separate garage, plus an abundance of dark beams and dinky windows.

May just be me, but it's got a feel of long-term rental about it - yucky brown carpets and magnolia walls throughout and a tired kitchen and bathroom. But gutted and re-vamped, there's the makings of very pretty country cottage in lovely bit of England.

It was also re-thatched last year, so big plus there.
On the market through Walter's estate agents at £250k. Good luck, however, in trying to find the house on the website, I gave up - they have the worst search set-up I've come across! Try Rightmove instead for details and lots more pictures.