Friday 4 March 2022

A manse, a mansion, and a villa on a loch

I did have this idea about gathering some apocalypse-ready escape houses to show you this week. But then decided that would be a trite response to this week's horrors (#standwithukraine). So instead, here are some sweet wrecks in pretty places to distract and inspire.

Let's start here.

There are no inside pix of Finnart (above and below), on the lovely shores of Holy Loch, Argyle and Bute. 

But given that the detached villa is listed as uninhabitable, with "many of the walls and floors having been removed",  and is Category C-listed and is only for sale as a restoration, not a re-development project, we talking serious, battle-hardened restoration buffs only. The sort who would scoff at pictures of partial rooms and watered walls (wet rot, dry rote and structural reports are available "by request").

But damn, is Finnart pretty. 

And it's position and views and that 1.25 acres of garden surrounding it.

On the market at offers over £175k via Waterside Property. Details here.

If you buy it, do let me know?

Incidentally, while we're looking at renovation challenges with limited photography, reader Kath sent me this "derelict but gorgeous" mansion in Dumfries.

Dalskairth House is a beautiful Grade B-listed country house and comes with two acres of land plus outbuildings and a gorgeous location. 

As with Finnart, Dalskeith doesn't have a floor plan because the building is dangerous to enter.

On the market through Savills at a hopeful/reasonable (your choice) offers over £200k. Details here.

This four-bedroom manse in the Outer Hebrides, is a find from one of my regular haunts - the Church of Scotland's properties for sale page. 

Actually, this property probably would work as an escape route. It's big - four bedrooms, plus a large (over 4m x 12m) stone barn, so space for you and several others, and in an elevated position on the Isle of Benebucula, between North and South Uist and their defendable causeways. There's even a church next door.

On the market at offers over £150k, with a deadline of next Friday - 11th March. Details here and PDF here.