Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Two Welsh do-ups with a royal neighbour

Couldn't decide whether, at £255k, this was pricey for Llandovery or not. 
On the one hand you get two detached houses in the Brecons, with land fronting a stream - and Prince Charles as your neighbour.
On the other you get two wrecks in the middle of nowhere.
Upper House (pictured above) has kitchen, hall and living room downstairs; two bedrooms and bathroom upstairs.
Lower House (pictured below) is basically two large rooms - a kitchen/living room downstairs and 24ft x16ft A-framed room upstairs.

They're both in need of total renovation and there are no services. Plus access is via a track.
The overgrown grounds front onto a stream and include a derelict former mill.

Abertriphlwyf is about a mile outside the village of Myddfai, on the edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park, around four  miles from Lllandovery.
It's on the market through Clee Tompkinson Francis. Details and more pictures here and on Zoopla here.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Five fabulous Italian palazzi...

It's a good job I've got you lot out there.
Because when things are completely pear-shaped back here, you keep sending me the most amazing properties to get things going again.
Like this batch of Italian beauties - sent to me by reader Robine.
Robine is a Dutch jewellery designer and she and her husband have been doing up a holiday house in Italy. She sent me a whole bunch of links to some stunning Italian "wrecks" via Immobiliare ("the Italian version of 'Zoopla'").
Everything's in Italian, and rather than me embarrass myself with guesswork and Babelfishing, I'm just going to concentrate on pics.
This palazzo in Teano, in Campania, above and below, is at the top of the price range at euro650k, but is SO Italian Job:

Private garden (with crumbling statues), terrace and around 1000sqm of space. More here.
There are no external pics of the Palazzo below, in Lendinara, Veneto, and I'm not entirely certain whether it's one building or part of bigger building.
You get 1600sqm of space across (possibly) three floors - all with the most stunning fresco walls:

The property comes with balcony, terrace and a private garden. Robine wrote:
"this is a competely amazing palazzo of old nobility. I am not sure, but it might even come with all the furniture.."
It's on the market at Euro350k and listed as "to renovate". More here.
The Moorish-style palazzo below is in Nardo, Puglia, and about 5km from the sea. There's a terrace, garden, no kitchen and (I think) three bedrooms over two floors.

Also listed as in need of renovation, it's on the market at Euro220k. More here.
Listed as in habitable condition is the palazzo, below, in Ispani, Campania.
A traditional, detached rural villa with a separate tower, it has two bathrooms, kitchen, arched loggia with stunning seaviews, and a lovely garden.

It's on the market at euro230k. More here.
Finally - and possibly my favourite, this townhouse is one of several Robine sent me (I've saved the rest for another post..).
Smaller, cheaper (euro180k) with a sweet courtyard and some gorgeous features. Just look at that ceiling and the fab tiled kitchen!

It's in the small town of Torre Santa Susanna, close to the Puglia coastline. Listed as in need of restoration. More here.
One last point from Robine:
"Any 'foreigner' (also for EU people) is obliged to pay 11% tax over the selling price of the property. The Italian government considers this as buying 'a second home' ('seconda casa'). With selling/buying property in Italy it is most common to make any offer far below asking price!"

Monday, 2 March 2015

RAF control tower (and zombie safe house...)

I have no idea what you'd do with most of these buildings, other than it's just such an amazing and unusual property I had to feature it! 
It's a former RAF bombing range control tower and assorted outbuildings (including one housing it's own generator). Surrounded by a secure compound and with uninterrupted views for miles and miles across the flat lands of Lincolnshire.
Am I the only person here thinking Walking Dead and zombie apocalypse safe house?

It was first spotted by one of my readers but I can't for the life of me find his email now - but whoever you are, thank you!
The property is at Sea Lane, Friskney, about 11 miles from Boston, and consists of the four-storey control tower and observation platform (with flagpole..of course); the generator building; two detached buildings each with a kitchen and several rooms, and a shuttered workshop.

Access is via a private land and the views - across Friskney sands and over the wash - are stunning.
It's on the market through William H Brown with a guide price of £300k - details here and on Zoopla here.

Monday, 23 February 2015

A riverside wreck and two price drops

I don't usually do this but this is a bit of a holding post - just a couple of bits of news on past "wrecks" with price drops and a property spotted by a reader.
But mostly this post is an apology for being behind on posting.
You see I'm in the middle of a battle with a big (ish) US company over intellectual property. I won't waste your time with details (it's here) but trying to fight them as a one-woman army is taking up the time I used to have for 'Wreck' and, truthfully, after the lawyer's letter I got from them this morning I'm feeling a bit scared and sick.
Anyhow - that's nothing to do with you lot, here's some properties to keep you going.

Paul got in touch to let me know that he's reduced the price of the unfinished 'Grand Design' I featured in January.
The Stables, at Kenn (above) just outside Exeter, is basically two properties - one finished, one unfinished - with the price now down £50k from £485k to £435k. Details here.
Alan emailed to say he'd also dropped the price of his property - a former kirk, on Orkney (below) to "offers around £25k" - bargain!

The building, at Rousey, was featured in my three Orkneys wrecks post last summer. Details here.
Finally, the amazing derelict former alehouse pictured at the top of this post was sent to me by reader Wendy.
It's on the river Wye, just outside Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire, and comes with 1.6acres of riverside meadow including canoe launch.
The building is derelict and there are no internal pix  - aside from this artistic shot of the view (!):

It comes with planning permission for a three-bed house and the price has been steadily dropping since it went on the market last July - currently at a fixed price of £195k. On the market through Jonathan Preece, details here.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A cottage and a tenement, eastern Scotland.

A bit of a little and large mix today with these two properties in the eastern regions of Scotland.
Faemore, above, is in a stunning rural location in Ballindalloch looking out over Glenlivet and Ballindalloch.
The three-bed detached stone and slate cottage comes with around threequarters of an acre of land and a ruined steading:

Estate agents Masson Cairns describe the house as needing "full renovation" but no idea what that means as there are no internal photos.
There's no existing bathroom or kitchen (cast iron fireplace in one of the downstairs rooms) and no information on services.
But... negatives aside, it's an attractive property in a lovely spot and at offers over £90k has masses of potential. More details and plans here, pix on Zoopla here.
Property number two is pretty much Faemore's opposite - town rather country; 15 big rooms instead of half-a-dozen small ones...and internal photos this time but no external ones (well, a couple out the back).
The property is on Castle Place, in the town of Montrose, between Dundee and Aberdeen, and is B-listed with lots of original features.
It's in need of total renovation - with bits of it unsafe - and non-mortgage-able. This may be its listing, here, or it could be the building at risk listed here. In anycase, you're looking at a similar 19th century former tenement.
The pictures are amazing:

There are 15 rooms in total, including a couple of shower rooms and the remnants of a glass room at the back - and the big gardens you can see above.
Most of the properties around it have been converted to apartments and there's scope to do the same with this one.
It's on the market through Right Move at offers over £100k - cash buyers only. Details here